Survey Under Review | Daily News


The school board has remodeled its plan to survey the public on the future of metro schools after parents attacked it for not allowing enough feedback.

A spokesman for a south-end Halifax parent group said last week the plan was “deeply flawed” because it didn’t allow parents to raise questions, and the compressed time frame forbade any genuine consultation.

Yesterday, the Halifax Regional School Board reacted, adding two more meetings for parents in Dartmouth and peninsular Halifax to publicly respond to results from questionnaires they filled out last week.

“We heard pretty clearly from the community that they felt they needed more opportunity to talk,” said Maureen O’Shaughnessy, the school board’s lead consultant.

“We made a pretty quick decision that we needed to listen to them and add more meetings.”

The Dec. 3 and 4 meetings will now be for the public to hear about the survey results and discuss how they could affect schools. Participants described their ideal school last week in surveys, but because of the format, they didn’t present their thoughts or hear if there was consensus. The plan had been to post it on the Internet.

The public will now hear what options the consultants are considering in January.

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