Citadel High officially opens with pomp and ceremony | The Herald

By KRISTEN LIPSCOMBE Education Reporter
Tue. Nov 27 – 5:48 AM

“Oh Citadel” were words incorporated into lyrics a talented group of teens sang Monday afternoon during a ceremony celebrating the opening of Citadel High School.

The official opening kicked off with choral and strings performances by Citadel students and concluded with the unveiling of the cornerstone plaque beside the school’s Trollope Street doors. Several municipal and provincial politicians, including Premier Rodney MacDonald, took part in the festivities.

During his remarks, the premier described Halifax’s new $32-million high school as “cutting-edge,” “environmentally friendly” and “state-of-the-art.” He also emphasized that Citadel High is already being called the safest school in the country.

Education Minister Karen Casey pointed out in a news release that the school “is a remarkable mix of the old and new.”

Built to replace both Queen Elizabeth High and St. Patrick’s High, the new school incorporates sandstone blocks, bleachers and other features from the old high schools.

“These items brought a lot of history with them and tradition is a wonderful thing to build on,” Ms. Casey said in the release. “Citadel High’s proud history is just beginning.”

The school has had some controversy since its opening. A ban on hooded sweatshirts was quickly changed into a hoods-down policy, and air quality tests turned up high but acceptable levels of volatile organic compounds, which may have made a small number of teachers sick. –

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