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Halifax school board too big — review
By KRISTEN LIPSCOMBE Education Reporter
Thu. Nov 29 – 5:28 AM
Reducing school board to 9 members proposed

The Halifax regional school board should be reduced to nine members from 13 starting with next year’s municipal election, said Howard Windsor, the one-man school board, at Wednesday night’s meeting in downtown Dartmouth.

Mr. Windsor proposed slashing the number of electoral districts to eight. The African Nova-Scotian member is elected at-large with a spot already reserved on the board.

“It is my view that the school board should be no larger than the number of members required to ensure adequate representation, efficient decision-making and appropriate oversight,” Mr. Windsor told the group gathered in board chambers.

“I believe that an eight-person board will be sufficiently large to ensure that a diversity of views are represented and adequately debated,” he said. “At the same time, however, the number of members will not be too large to impede consensus.”

The board’s legal team at McInnes Copper made three different suggestions to the board. The other two options they presented were to maintain the status quo of 12 districts or divide the region into four districts with two members each.

Under the Education Act, all school boards across the province must review the boundaries of their electoral districts this year. They must submit their recommendations by Dec. 31, which will then be reviewed by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

Mr. Windsor emphasized that concerned citizens will continue to have input on the board’s final outcome, including public hearings.