It is time to act!

There are serious problems with the current Imagine Our Schools Process.  Why we think so is summarized here.

We are encouraging everyone, parents and citizens, to write the Imagine Our Schools people about their concerns, but that they should also :CC Howard Windsor (HRSB Administrator), the area MLAs, the area HRM Councilors, and the Minister of Education.  Emails provided below.

We may be able to have the process reformed, changed, or at least the final decision altered but we need to act today.

We must act now, we need to make sure our concerns are heard.  This helps keep us from being sandbagged at the end of this by school board and Department of Education saying  “you had your chance for input and you missed it.”

It is really very important that all members of this list, and all parents and citizens we can reach, write now, to try and get this process back on the rails, and to make sure that the decision makers know we are unhappy and why.


Carbon Copy (CC):