Imagine Our Schools – Final Proposal

The final proposal from the consultants was presented to Howard Windsor, HRSB.

The proposed shape of the Citadel family:

Highland Park Junior High, expanded, fed by St. Pats/Alexandra, St. Stephen’s, St. Catherine (French only).  PROPOSED FOR CLOSURE: Joe Howe School, St Joseph / A Murray Mackay.

Saint Agnes Junior High, as is, fed by Springvale, Westmount, St Catherine’s (English only). PROPOSED FOR CLOSURE:  Oxford School

Gorsebrook Junior High, fed by Inglis, Le Marchant St Thomas, Sir Charles Tupper, St Mary’s.  PROPOSED FOR CLOSURE: Cornwallis Junior High.


We were unable to comment tonight.  The HRSB will hear submission March 19 at Dartmouth High.  More information will be posted by the weekend, as well as analysis.