Education minister extends deadline for input on school boards | the Herald

It’s a start.  The Minister has extended the opportunity for input, but unfortunately, not far enough that school communities will be back in session and able to communicate and respond.  Herald article follows:

Education minister extends deadline for input on school boards
By KRISTEN LIPSCOMBE Education Reporter Halifax Herald
Wed. Aug 20 – 5:44 PM

Nova Scotians now have more time to have their say on how school boards should work in this province.

The Education Department said Wednesday it’s extending the deadline for public feedback on the discussion paper Increasing the Effectiveness of School Board Governance in Nova Scotia, released July 31.

The original deadline was this Friday, but has been moved a week and a half back to Sept. 2.

“It is very important that we ensure the public has a reasonable amount of time to provide input on our proposed changes to school board governance,” Education Minister Karen Casey in a news release. “Because of vacations and summer schedules, we decided our deadline may be difficult for some groups and individuals to meet.”

Education critics and several citizens have both expressed concern that the Education Department did not provide enough time for input on the important issue of school board governance.

Ms. Casey said the deadline extension will give the public more time to respond to the suggested regulations, while also giving people who are thinking about running for a spot on their local school board the opportunity to know exactly what they’re getting into before nomination day Sept. 9. Municipal and school board elections take place across the province Oct. 18.

Some of the suggestions outlined in the document include giving elected boards more power to discipline their own members, while also allowing censured board members the opportunity for an appeal. The proposal is a result of past struggles among members on both the Halifax and Strait regional school boards.