Just call me Your Worship…

Sometimes, life deals you a hand and you just are not sure how to play it.  Today is one of those days.

This week, if you open the Coast – Halifax’s alternative weekly – you will see the list of reader voted “Best of Halifax” results.  Read the first page, and the section is “City People.”  Read into that section, and you reach “Best Candidate for Mayor”.  There, you see the winner Peter Kelly, the past and current Mayor.  Then first runner up, Sheila Fougere, who ran aginst Mr. Kelly in the last election and came within 14,000 votes.  And then, for second runner up you see a surprise – Waye Mason.

Now, I was not campagining, or anything.  A fair number of people voted for me, like, more than five, but probably less than 100.  So that is pretty interesting.  What happened?  Halifaxlocals happened.  Apparently, Sean (aka Poorhaus) suggested that members of the messageboard vote for me, and they did!

So while the masses of people around Halifax are not rising up to demand I take my rightful place chairing fights over cats and chickens, one of the most interesting things in this is that, in a far lesser way than was just proven by the US election, the internet is really bloody important in terms of mobilizing the masses.

I am not a politician.   I like to think I am an activist or informed citizen, so I don’t have to beat around the bush.  Yes, someday, I would like to go further and run for office.  Not school board, but something meaningful.

Municipal politics is very interesting: playgrounds, paved roads, clean water, parks, bikes, buses, culture funding, tourism, community events, amateur sports, international events.  Issues that hit people where they live.  Council has had good and bad moments, but Halifax Regional Municipality must do better than we have done the last four years.  I hope the next council steps up to the challenge.

Maybe someday.  Not today, obviously, I am still learning how to be the best teacher I can be.  But who knows what I might get up to in 2012!