Harper Has Only Himself to Blame

In part of his column in the National Post, John Ivison wrote:

Mr. Harper reacted like the boy who pokes the dog with a stick and then complains about being bitten. “The Opposition is working on an agreement in back corridors to reverse the result of the last election, without the consent of voters…. They want to put in place as prime minister someone [Stephane Dion] who was rejected by the voters of Canada only six weeks ago.”

Mr. Harper has only himself to blame for his dilemma. It seems highly unlikely that we would be in this sorry state had his hubris not pushed him to try to beggar the opposition parties by cutting their public subsidy.

The Liberals say that their visceral reaction has nothing to do with political funding issue and that the primary concern is the lack of stimulus in the fiscal update that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty brought down this week. “[Mr. Harper] said in Peru that it’s time for major fiscal stimulus but while he speaks like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he acts like Calvin Coolidge,” said Liberal MP John McCallum.

Full article here: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada … 008301&p=1