Saint Mary’s Elementary: Call to action

We have one more job to do as a school community. It could be our last or the first of a new beginning. The job: show the school board that we care about what we have at Saint Mary’s and want to preserve it.

Tuesday, February 17, 6:00 pm, Saint Mary’s Gym

This is our last chance and final responsibility under the school review process. They have our report, they’ve heard from the committee chairs, now they want to hear directly from you. It is essential that anyone who cares about Saint Mary’s – anyone with a child they’re hoping will attend the school next year, anyone who’s benefitted from it in the past or hopes to in the future, anyone who likes having Saint Mary’s as a neighbour, a resource, or a model – show up and say so.

Recently the board held the first of these meetings with St. Pats-Alexandra, also under review. According to the press the meeting was well-attended. This is what the board is looking for. And the media will be watching. We want to give the board and the public the biggest and clearest message we can muster.

Cindy Littlefair and Michele Gerard
School Review Study Committee