HRSB Board Meeting to take place at Citadel High.

It is a big day coming up. Tuesday, March 24, 6:00pm, is the moment of truth for schools facing closure.

The board has elected to bring that week’s board meeting to us, into the heart of the Saint Mary’s and St. Pats-Alexandra communities, for the votes on whether or not to close one or the other or both of the schools. Citadel High will host the event. Hats off to the elected board for giving this part of the process the recognition, accessibility, profile and conclusion it so thoroughly deserves.

It’s been a long slog since last March when we were targeted for closure by Mr. Windsor, the one-man board. It is to him that we owe our current challenge. But we’ve been here before and demonstrated to the board, the four democratically elected bodies that preceded him, that we’re relevant and effective and distinct. It’s no different this time round. Let’s see whether the board’s been listening and show them that we’re all ears.

Come on out on the 24th and get behind this effort one more time.
Citadel High,
Tuesday, March 24, 6:00 pm.
Lots of on-site and on-street parking.