Glass houses, my Calgarian friends.

To the Editor, Calgary Herald,

Regarding your editorial “Lighthouse shines beacon on culture of defeat.”  I imagine if the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site barn was falling down in Calgary your paper would be up in arms.  I imagine if chunks of concrete were falling off the Harry Hays Federal Building your paper would be up in arms.  I imagine if the home next door to your Editor and Chief was unpainted and decrepit that your editor would be up in arms!

Why should the Federal government not be held to the same standard as any other property owner in Halifax?   The property should be maintained by its owner, at its owner’s expense, and that owner is the government of Canada.  If I left my home until the paint was peeling and pieces were falling off, by-law would order me to fix it.  Unfortunately, we have to shame the Feds into doing their job.

I am glad my province paid to develop your territory and later province during the first 100 years of confederation.  I am glad that your resource based economy is now doing so well and creating such wealth.  However, your editorial says that “nothing much has moved in that part of the world (Nova Scotia) without a government grant” is patently untrue,  and a bit rich coming from a province that has enjoyed $1.5 billion in federal subsidy to develop the tar sands.


Waye Mason

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