Dog Dog Days of Summer

So its Wednesday before the long weekend, and with the turning of the seasons I am once again sitting in the shade on the Woodside ferry, itself gentle rocking in the light swells coming from the mouth of the harbour.

This means my 10-15 minute essays on whatever I am thinking about on my commute to work have also returned.

After I bought my bus pass today I waited 10 minutes for the #1 bus. I sweat. A lot. So on a day that is already 24 degrees a bit humid, I decided to bus it downtown, rather than walk. Good news for all, the new hybrid buses are air conditioned!

This seems to me to be the single best piece of news on our city this summer. Very little other positive news has come out of council, and our media and civil society organizations all seem to contribute to the malaise.

Maybe it was the vacation in Italy that did it.

Tuscany is wonderful, the people enjoy life, eat well, the music is good, the quality of life high, the towns and cities are walkable, have good public transit, have great public spaces. There is a Joie de vivre in Florence all the time that I wish we had in Halifax more frequently, if at all.

Glancing over the side of the ferry just now, and more importantly, smelling the harbour, well, I wish Peter Kelly luck on his dip today. Restoring the sewage plant to functioning after years of delay in restarting a brand new system cannot be considered something to celebrate, merely ruefully acknowledge.

This ride is almost at an end, so I will cut myself off.

The next few posts will be explorations of things that have been alternating frustrating and exasperating about Halifax, things that need leadership and change.

I know this is a great city and on the balance great people live here, we just need a few unequivocal, real victories and triumphs to restore our confidence.

Hopefully we can get some leaders in place who realize hundred million dollar white elephants are not the same as real social, political and economic success.