Fundraiser a success! Over $3,500 raised in 7 days, thank you

Fundraising is one of the hardest activities of any election campaign. In the end it will make and break our campaigns ability to achieve our goals and reach as many voters as possible. I have to admit that to date, and especially in the last 7 days, I have been impressed by the amount of support Waye Mason is receiving from residents throughout the HRM in his bid to be elected as Councillor in District 7: Peninsula South – Downtown.

In the last seven days we have raised over $3,500 to help our campaign purchase our lawn signs, $1,000 over our goal. Lawn signs are one of the most expensive purchases of any campaign and are important for signifying to residents within a district who people are supporting. If our fundraising activities over the last even days is any indication – Waye has momentum.

Fundraising is one indicator of momentum, but so are the comments we receive from residents throughout District 7 as we go canvassing. What we are hearing is that they are ready for change. Residents are ready for an HRM Council that makes decisions in the open, that is transparent and accountable about how our tax dollars are spent. They are telling us that they want to live in a city that builds sustainably, they want to live in a city where the Council makes a plan and sticks to it. Residents are telling us they want sustainable realistic investments in transit, infrastructure and roads.

Halifax and District 7 need better ideas to fixing council, growing sustainably and spending smarter. In just over 100 days residents of District 7 will go to the polls to elect change and we will need your help to ensure that Waye Mason is that change. Please read through Waye’s platform on our website and sign up to volunteer, take a lawn sign and join the many residents who have already donated.
Nat Smith
Campaign Manager
Committee to Elect Waye Mason