Campaign Update – 93 days to the election

The election is 93 days away, and it’s not just the summer that is heating up!  What with canvassing, summer festivals and events, BBQs I feel like there is somewhere to be and someone to talk to every moment of every day.

Here are a couple things I’d like to share with you.

Meeting me, introduce me.
I’m out knocking on doors almost every day, and we’ve started to organize small community meetings, hosted in people’s living rooms or back yards. If you would like to host a gathering, or just see me knock on your door when you are going to be home, please click on this link and let me know. I’d be happy to accommodate your schedule.

There will be buttons.
People have asked how they can get the M buttons, short of bumping into me in the street. I am pleased to say that buttons are now available at Fresh Goods (1491 South Park), Atlantic News (5560 Morris),Strange Adventures (5262 Sackville) and The Hub Halifax (1672 Barrington Street).

Sign up as a sign location!
I have to thank you again for all the support for our recent sign fundraiser! We are going to be going to print signs soon – so this means we need somewhere to put them.

We will have window signs early next week, just 11×17 cardstock signs for apartment dwellers and/or diehard supporters. Lawn signs will hit the streets sometime toward the end of the summer. If you haven’t already, please fill in this form with your name, address and click that you are willing to take a sign.

Campaign law update.
Recently I was notified that the campaign laws had changed and I had to put “Authorized by Waye Mason” on all our material, rather than “The Committee to Elect Waye Mason.” My material didn’t have the right wording because I started campaigning months before HRM published their new municipal campaign handbook. Needless to say I’m making sure everything we do from now on is compliant with this new rule.  Just goes to show how complex municipal campaigning can be!

More video
Here is a video shot for Haligonia a couple months ago.  It was shot at the Wooden Monkey by some awesome Centre for Arts and Technology students. Unfortunately, I was going to make a Mint Julep for the drink component of this weekly show but they had neither mint, nor sugar water, nor shaved ice. We made do!