Thank you!

Just a short and belated note to say many thanks to the voters in Peninsula South Downtown for your support and trust.   It is a great honour to have been chosen to represent the district.  I will fight to renew council, restore trust in government, address transit, tax and business issues, reform community council.  We will fix council, grow sustainably, and spend smarter!

I also want to thank my wife and family, my amazing, dedicated and hard working campaign team, and the volunteers who have been so dedicated throughout the last nine months.  I will work hard for you, thank you for your trust in me!


As promised, I am going to keep communicating with my constituents on a regular basis.  I have set up a website that will be active today or tomorrow at where you will find my journal, in which I will outline my experiences as I learn about being an HRM councillor, and my calendar, so you know what I am doing all day.  I will be posting regularly, so stay tuned!


As soon as the website is up, I will send out an email from the new email list.  You will be able to join the email list on the new site.


If you have a sign, email me, and we will come and pick it up!  We can recycle them for 2016!  Thank you so much for taking a sign!