Budget 2013/14 – Get Involved!

Mayor Savage and the new council are well into budget deliberations for the upcoming fiscal year.

It is important that residents are aware of the budget and the impact these discussions will have on things like our residential and commercial tax rates, parks, recreation, transit, transportation and libraries.

Information about the budget discussions will be posted regularly on this website.  I urge residents to contact me with their thoughts, concerns and ideas about the budget.

I want to hear from you!

Contact me to tell me what are your priorities –  what does HRM do well, where should we spend more, where can we cut?  What should we do about residential, commercial tax rates?

Let me know!

If you are not in my district, you should also contact your area councillor, contact info is here.

Budget Process & Timelines


Audit & Finance Committee
Details of meetings, agendas, reports here

Revenue Targets – December 19
Debt & Reserve and Project Budget – January 16
Transit – January 30
Transportation & Public Works – February 13
P&I, Library, FICT, CAO, Legal, HR, AG – February 27
CRS, Fire, Police (HRP/RCMP) – March 20
Return if required – April3
Consolidated Entities and Fiscal – April 17
Full Review of Budget – April 24

Halifax Regional Council
Details of meetings, agendas, reports here

Priority setting – Dec 4, 2012
Table Full Budget – April 30, 2013

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