Winter is really, truly here… time to do the snow day dance! Feb 3 & 4 2013 (updated)

Snowy street.

This is a big snow storm, by far the biggest of the year.

Residents should be mindful that during a major snow event that the city will focus on keeping main roads open and secondary roads will come later.  I’ve reprinted the service standard below, but it is important to note that the service standard for side roads/residential roads is “clear 24 hours AFTER snowfall” so if it snows all night and day, plows are unlikely to hit P2 roads until end of day tomorrow, after work.  Be careful.

Residents are urged to stay informed by following regular news outlets, visiting the Halifax Snow Evenwebsite, and following @hfxgov on twitter.

If you see something that requires municipal response, please call 311, rather than call, email, or tweet me or the council office!  We just turn around and call 311 on your behalf, slowing down response.  Always call 311 first!


Halifax Regional Police would like to advise motorist to adjust their driving habits in light of todays weather.

There have been several collisions reported over the last few hours. Municipal streets in Halifax are snow covered and slippery at this hour. Police are reminding motorists to adjust their driving habits and be mindful of the change of road conditions throughout the day and night. In order to safely arrive at your destination, please slow down, allow extra time to reach your destination and allow extra stopping distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. The weather forecast is calling for more snow throughout the day and evening, please drive safely.

And, planning ahead – for school closure info click here.

For other closure check the CBC site here.

For weather warning updates check Environment Canada here.

Here is the snow ops update for 11am Sunday.

As of 11am there is 8 cms accumulation with another 25-30cm expected over next 24 hours.

Municipal Operations crews are currently mobilized as are engaged in keeping single lanes open on the P1 roads. All roads are snow covered and motorist should drive for conditions.

Cut throughs on the P2 local roads will begin after accumulations reached 10cms.

Sidewalks operations are underway in the capital districts and will begin later in other areas .

In the event of emergency and residents have to call 911, Mun Ops work closely wih the 911 call center and the closest plow will be dispatched to assist.

The Overnight Winter Parking Ban is in effect until further notice.

Service Standards.

P1 roads: 3 hour turnaround times and clear 12 hours following end of snowfall
P2 Roads: Cut Throughs for access after 10cms accumulations and cleared within 24 hours following the end of snowfall

P1: main arterial sidewalks cleared within 12 hours following end of snowfall
P2: Transit sidewalks , cleared within 18hours following end of snowfall
P3: Local sidewalks, cleared within 36 hours from end of snowfall