Snow continues, 20 cms still to fall


A storm started around midnight last night.

Residents should be mindful that during a major snow event that the city will focus on keeping main roads open and secondary roads will come later. Again, it is important to note that the service standard for side roads/residential roads is “clear 24 hours AFTER snowfall” so if it snows all night and day, plows are unlikely to hit P2 roads until end of day tomorrow, after work.

If snow exceeds the projected 40 cms HRM understandably may not be able to meet that standard. Be careful, be patient!

Residents are urged to stay informed by following regular news outlets, visiting the Halifax Snow Evenwebsite, and following @hfxgov on twitter.

If you see something that requires municipal response, please call 311, rather than call, email, or tweet me or the council office!  We just turn around and call 311 on your behalf, slowing down response.  Always call 311 first!

UPDATE -7:53 Feb 9 – There are approximately 15-20cms of snow accumulated so far with another 20cms forecasted over the next 18 hours. Winds are starting to pick up causing blowing and drifting snow along with ice pellets.

P1 roads are snow covered passable. In most area on multi lane roads there is some loss of full lane width. With drifting snow conditions can change rapidly in areas previously plowed. Expect difficulty in accessing side streets and parking lots.

P2 streets are currently receiving cut throughs. Final push back will occur when the snow ends. Residents should not bother to clean their own driveways beyond the curb line.

Preliminary clearing has begun on the P1 and P2 sidewalks, however they are being filled in very quickly with drifting snow.

Vehicles parked on the street interfering with snow clearing operations will be subject to ticket and towing under Sec 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

The Overnight Winter Parking Ban is in effect until further notice.

Service Standards.

P1 roads: 3 hour turnaround times and clear 12 hours following end of snowfall
P2 Roads: Cut Throughs for access after 10cms accumulations and cleared within 24 hours following the end of snowfall

P1: main arterial sidewalks cleared within 12 hours following end of snowfall
P2: Transit sidewalks , cleared within 18hours following end of snowfall
P3: Local sidewalks, cleared within 36 hours from end of snowfall



UPDATEd Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 – Forecasts are calling for 25-35 cm of snow with wind gusts of up to 90 km/hr. Given this forecast, HRM will need to enforce the overnight winter parking ban for several nights and will inform residents when it has been lifted. Snow clearing crews will be out in full force during a storm. Please ensure your vehicle is off the street and not interfering with operations. Officers will be ticketing and towing vehicles obstructing snow removal.

HRM’s Emergency Management Organization reminds residents to prepare for a storm by:

· having all necessary household items [1] and medications that would be needed for at least 72 hours in your home

· stay at home during a storm

· visit [2] for more information

The following waste facilities normally open on Saturdays will be closed tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 9:

· The Otter Lake Waste Processing & Disposal facilities at 600 Otter Lake Drive

· The Household Hazardous Waste Depot at 20 Horseshoe Lake Drive

· The Rural Refuse Depots located in Sheet Harbour and Middle Musquodoboit

HRM requests that residents remove any street obstructions such as basketball nets and organic green carts during snow clearing operations. Items hinder proper snow clearing and can result in damage to property and equipment.

HRM Recreation Services will continue to monitor conditions and will make a decision later today on Saturday’s programming.

HRM’s 311 hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

For more information on the parking ban and status of snow clearing operations, please visit [3], call 311 [4] or follow us on Twitter @hfxgov [5].

Thank you for your cooperation.