School Closure Resources – Documents for SJAM and Joseph Howe.

I posted my letter to HRSB about the school closures yesterday and it generated a lot of comment.  During the 2007-09 school closure fight I was one of the leaders of the group that fought to keep peninsula schools open.

I was also the webmaster of the Citadelschools website, and kept a lot of resources around in case this happened again.  Well, it has happened again, so I wanted to let the newer parents who now need to fight, yet again, know where the documents are.

This link leads to a folder with all the Imagine Our Schools drafts, written by the consultant hired after the first failed round of 2007-09 resulted in the school board being fired.

Also in this folder is the 2002 School Closure Review Committee report and the 2005 capital plan report.  Context is important during these fights.

The only successful public engagement that lead to a consensus report and community buy in was the 2002, parent driven combined area SAC review that resulted in the 2002 report that suggested closing Beaufort and creating a 2 track English and French school at LMST.

I wish the school Board and Department of Education would review the successes and failures of the past decade and change the process to involve the SACs and parents at the very beginning – set the parameters, describe the budget challenges, and work with parents to see how the system can be rationalized.



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