Provincial Election Tuesday August 17

Nova Scotians will be going to the polls for a general provincial election on Tuesday, August 17. Residents of District 7 should know that the boundaries of Halifax Citadel Sable Island, Halifax Chebucto and Halifax Needham shifted during the last redistricting.   The area between Cogswell and Duke/Rainne/Gottingen is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Needham). The area between Jubilee and Coburg from Robie to the North West arm is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Chebucto). read more

Proposed changes to residential zoning, Centre Plan Package B

Forgive the very long post, but homeowners and residents of District 7 need to be aware of the proposed changes to our zoning. I am excited by these proposals, and want to hear from you about your thoughts!   The goal of the Centre Plan has always been to put development where it made sense, on busy corridors with good transit and which have sewer and water capacity and nearby parks, and to protect the character of our residential neighbourhoods while read more

Hurricane Teddy Update 2

NOAA has updated their tracking (next Env. Canada is 3pm) and they now predict 90-100% likelihood of tropical storm-force winds on the whole Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. Hurricane Teddy is on track to Hit Nova Scotia starting in just a few hours. It is important residents take this storm seriously, and take precautions. Given current tracking, it appears Teddy is going to wallop the entire Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia. With the size of the storm, the strength of the read more

Hurricane Teddy Update 1

Hurricane Teddy is approaching Nova Scotia and while this morning it appears to be tracking to the northeast of central Halifax, in our recent experience hurricanes seem to ‘make up their minds’ when they are in sight of land. The direction the storm takes could see it land anywhere from Sambro to Canso right now, so it is important to be prepared. This post contains the official HRM update, NS Power update, and a list of practical things you can do to personally read more

Proposed Common Parking Garage part 2

I wanted to get this blog out showing the new provincial proposal for a parking garage far earlier than this, but my website crashed when running some updates and it took a couple hours to fix it, sorry about that.  I did write about the proposal in my newsletter yesterday.  I said: The Province has proposed a significantly different design to address the parking garage on Summer Street. You can read about that here in the Herald. It is a less read more