Unsanctioned Street Party Update #2

As promised here is an update on steps being taken to reduce the kind of trouble we sometimes see with students and disruption in the neighbourhoods around the universities in Halifax.

Last week I was joined by Mayor Savage, CAO Jacque Dube, HRM staff and the Chief of Police in

Report Card 2021

In the 2020 election, I made 19 promises, of which 7 are complete, 11 are underway, and 1 is incomplete and at risk.

Of the 11 that are underway, 8 should be done by next summer and 3 are on target to be done under their proposed timelines.

The only …

Storm Preparedness Update – Heavy Rainfall & Wind Warning Nov 22-23

Heavy Rainfall Warning – Nov 22-23

Hi all – I do not think this storm will be as bad as a hurricane, though there could be some pretty serious flooding in coastal and low-lying areas, and there is a chance of significant wind damage from gusts at 100kph (and higher).  …

Recently passed Bill 63 Heavy Handed and Unnecessary

Halifax and the new Provincial government want the same thing – to rapidly increase housing supply to help address the current housing crisis.   

There have been a lot of positive moves in the last couple of weeks. HRM has been asking for new types of levers and powers for years

Update on Jennings/Larch events and actions so far

I have been working closely with MLA Lisa Lachance. We share our communities’ frustration with the behavior we saw this weekend in the streets of our neighbourhood and we recognize the impacts this has had on residents who experienced it.  We want to make sure this community remains a diverse