Event 22 Update from HRM – storm’s a coming!

From staff:
Forecast has snow beginning at 6am and potentially changing to rain at 3pm with total amounts 35-40 cms. Strongs winds will also be present. Municipal Operations will begin at midnight with salt management strategies , presalting P1 roads and Direct Liquid application on P2 roads.Conditions will deteriorate through the day. Residents should be aware morning commute may take longer than normal. Intense periods of snow and strong winds may create visibility issues and white outs. Municipal operations will ramp up with additional equipment to meet changing conditions.

Vehicles may be subject to ticket and tow under Sec 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act if they are parked interfering with snow clearing operations. The overnight parking ban is not in effect Tues night into Wed morning


P1 Roads: 3 hour turnaround times and clear 12 hours following end of snowfall.
P2 Roads: Center line cuts for access after 10cm accumulation and cleared within 24 hours following the end of snowfall.

P1: Main Arterial Sidewalks, cleared within 12 hours following end of snowfall.
P2: Transit Sidewalks, cleared within 18 hours following end of snowfall.
P3: Local Sidewalks, cleared within 36 hours from end of snowfall.

Not sure what priority level your street is? Click this link

Next update will be at 8am Wed morning

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