Update on Shakespeare by the Sea building fire damage

The Shakespeare By The Sea building was inspected on the morning of Thursday June 5 2014 by EFI Global, municipal staff and representatives from Belfore Property Restoration.

The purpose was to assess damage caused by fire, smoke and water. The engineer checked all areas affected and is expected to forward findings today or tomorrow to EFI. Upon completion, Belfore was preparing a detailed package for EFI as to the costs associated to restore all affected areas including interior finishes electrical. No firm costs or degree of damage was formally discussed at the meeting.

Halifax Facilities has only temporarily patched areas that may cause water ingress and cleaned up the site after Halifax Fire left. Fire had turned off the Main building power and had left a Property Release Form on site stating the power was not to be restored until it was examined by a Qualified Electrician. This was done and most areas were restored with the exception of the most heavily damaged (water) area. There have been no other repairs completed.

As far as roof trusses are concerned, the engineer spoke of 21 affected to some degree and his report will address all that will need replacement.

The building remains in the hands of the SBTS and Halifax staff have advised that there should be no activity in the affected area and SBTS has agreed to use only the office area at the front.