The weather outside is frightful…. or will be!


  • P1 Roads: 3 hour turnaround times and clear 12 hours following end of snowfall.
  • P2 Roads:  Center line cuts for access after 10cm accumulation and cleared within 24 hours following the end of snowfall.
  • P1: Main Arterial Sidewalks, cleared within 12 hours following end of snowfall.
  • P2: Transit Sidewalks, cleared within 18 hours following end of snowfall.
  • P3: Local Sidewalks, cleared within 36 hours from end of snowfall.

Not sure what priority level your street is?  Click this link

Event Update – Plan

Well folks…it’s that time of year again…

A weather system moving into the region this afternoon and overnight will bring periods of rain, freezing rain and ice-pellets for some parts of Halifax.  Road Operations crews have all equipment ready and will be patrolling as required to plow and treat roads during the evening commute and overnight.  Conditions are expected to deteriorate rapidly and crew will focus on ensuring the afternoon and morning commutes are minimally impacted.

As the temperature drops, the transition from rain to freezing rain and ice pellets will bring slippery driving conditions to some areas.  Please adjust driving conditions accordingly and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.

Thank you.