The arse is out of ‘er, let’s help our neighbours and ourselves


Friends, the arse is right out of ‘er and it is only going to get worse.

My friend Chris asked me “What are the odds that we can motivate for a citizens ‘sidewalk shovel day?’ A one shot deal to help ourselves?” With up to 30 cms of snow coming tomorrow and with snow banks in the core already five to six feet tall we are in a crisis and it is going to get worse.

It is safe to say that your road is not going to get wider, most sidewalks are not going to be plowed properly, the curb cuts between sidewalk and crosswalk are going to suck. Staff and contractors are overwhelmed.

Whether you think the city should clear sidewalks or not, the fact is right now we mostly have sidewalk plows, and plows don’t work that well when there are five feet of snow on both sides of the sidewalk. There is no where to push the snow too!

Chris is right. I hope people get out there and dig deep (pun intended) and shovel their walks, their neighbours walks, and dig out the corners.

In a couple weeks we can look at blame or technical, service and funding choices about how things could be fixed or done better next year. That discussion isn’t going to help anyone today.

Right now, let’s do what we can to help our neighbours and community get through the next couple days.

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