Headline – Local magazine asks about business cards

Dear people of Halifax… I don’t know what to think about an email like this.  Thoughts?

From: blake@frankmagazine.ca
To: Mason, Waye
RE: Business Cards question

Hello Councillor,

I have a couple of quick questions for you about your business cards. I was wondering, what made you decide to print ‘councillor’ in French, Gaelic, and Micmac? Considering how many Asian students live in your district, from China and the Middle East in particular, is it possible that Mandarin and Arabic would be more reflective of the makeup of your constituency? With that in mind, did you consider these or any other language choices when you had your cards made up?

I do remember that you don’t typically respond to questions from Frank, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t at least make the effort and ask.
Take care,

Blake Hunsley

Staff Reporter
Frank Magazine

EDIT: Thank you all for the debate and discussion. Here is what I emailed back:

I chose the languages to reflect the heritage of Nova Scotia and aligned with the historic groups that have special recognition by the Provincial government. Aboriginal, Gaelic and Acadian all have some level of recognition and government Offices with in Nova Scotia. All three groups have significant representation in the region.

Arabic and Chinese are interesting ideas, and I am all in favour of reflecting my constituency and meeting the citizens needs. Until your email, no one has raised the idea.