Update #31 – Illegal backyard parking, more public meetings on downtown, Coburg/Seymour, Dal Fitness Centre

Normally I try and do just one email a month, however fall is a busy time! A number of issues and public meetings have popped up since the last email, and I wanted to make you aware of them.


Please let me know if you want me to drop off some “Slow Down” signs. I would love to see these all around the schools and known areas of conflict between pedestrians and cars.  Email me if you want some dropped off.  Email me at waye.mason@halifax.ca.


Two corrections, one from my print news letter, one from the last email update.

The email address to send community events to for my e-newsletter is bradlej@halifax.ca, incorrect information was printed in my print newsletter.

The location of the Joint Emergency Management meetings was omitted from the last email update.  The meeting is taking place Wednesday, 30 September at 6pm at the Halifax Central Library, Lindsay Children’s Room.

I apologize for any confusion these errors caused.

Parking Lots in Residential Areas

Recently there has been a trend for some landlords to pave over entire back yards of residential properties and turn them into monthly parking. This is not a legal use of residentially zoned property.  Residential properties in the R1, R2 and R2A zone are only allowed to provide parking for the tenants and their guests.

Commercial parking operations are not permitted under the land use by-law. These properties will be issued a Notice to Comply through Municipal Compliance. This provides an opportunity for the owner to comply with the by-law within a prescribed time period and if he/she doesn’t, appropriate remedies will be sought which may include prosecution.

If you suspect you have a commercial parking operation in your neighbourhood, please report it to 311 and ask for a Development Officer to be sent to inspect the property.

Make sure you get the reference number for you complaint, and then email the reference number to me so my staff can follow up.

Public Meetings

Downtown Plan Review (HRM by Design)
Wednesday, September 23 6 – 9 p.m | Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Planning and Development is currently undertaking a five-year review of the Downtown Halifax Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law. As part of this review, residents are invited to attend a presentation and facilitated discussions on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 6 – 9 p.m., at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The discussions will focus on five themes for downtown planning including: design, process, livability, innovation and prosperity.

Dal Fitness Centre construction information session  
Thursday, September 24, 7 to 8:30 pm | Room 1116, Marion McCain Arts & Social Sciences Building
Construction of the new fitness centre is expected to begin later this month, beginning with site preparations. To accommodate the demolition and excavation a fence will be erected. The fence will require the permanent closure of parking spaces, including the “upper Dalplex lot”, the line of metered spaces behind 6280 South Street and the Eliza Ritchie parking lot. The driveway from South Street to the Dalplex lot will also be shifted to the west to make room for the new building. Two-way traffic will be maintained into the Dalplex lot during construction.  The fitness centre will be located on South Street, where the Eliza Ritchie residence currently stands. Features of the new structure will include cardio and strength training facilities, group fitness studios, change rooms and customer service amenities.

Coburg/Seymour Development (Needs store site)
Thursday, Oct 1, 6:30pm | location TBD
This meeting is about to be confirmed, where a smaller, revised design for the proposed development will be presented for community feedback.

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