Update #34 – Ben’s Bread + meetings, meetings, meetings!

Just a short update because a number of meetings have been proposed since the November update went out.

Ben’s Bread Interactive Design Workshop – Saturday November 28, 2pm, West End Baptist
Please join the developers consultants for an interactive Design Workshop to explore development options for the Ben’s Bakery site. The workshop is open to the members of the community and will be led by planners and architects from WSP and Architecture49.

The following is the Workshop’s agenda. Refreshments will be provided.

Community Tour (Optional)    2:00 pm
Start Time      2:30 pm
Presentation of Background Analysis     2:35 pm
Live Design Studio     3:00 pm
End Time    3:30 pm

Downtown Halifax Plan & new Downtown Dartmouth Plan design manuals.  December 14 deadline.
A revised Draft Downtown Halifax Design Manual and a new Draft Downtown Dartmouth Design Manual are now available for public comment.  Comments can be forwarded through the SYC Forum or to planhrm@halifax.ca until December 14, 2015.

Dartmouth Design Manual http://shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/downtown-dartmouth-plan
Halifax Design Manual http://shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/downtownplanreview

6067 Quinpool Rd: Open House 2, Wednesday December 9, Atlantica Hotel, 6pm
Staff will hold another open house and check in for the St Patricks High School Site.  More information coming soon.

Centre Plan Consultations
The objective of the Centre Plan is to consolidate existing municipal planning strategies and land use by-laws for the Regional Centre into one combined policy and by-law set. Many of these documents are out of date, and do not reflect existing or forecasted social, environmental and economic conditions. New policies will protect the scale and character of existing neighbourhoods while removing existing barriers to well-designed and appropriately scaled development.

Residents are invited to engage in this phase of the Centre Plan public consultation process by visiting http://shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/centre-plan. Through the online portal, residents can review project background and research material, and provide feedback through questions and answers and comments in the discussion forums section of the site.  Dates for public meetings to be announced soon!

Road Network Functional Plan
Public consultation now scheduled for January 2016

LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary (LMST) School Steering Team 
From HRSB governing board member Cindy Littlefair’s update – The LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary (LMST) School Steering Team (SST) for the replacement school is in place. This is the group that contributes to the design process, working with the Department-chosen design consultant, informed by a cross-section of relevant voices – school board, city, province. SAC chair David Jakeman, Principal Jeanne Boudreau, and an assigned facilitator will lead the SST process. The school board has now confirmed that the Universite Ste. Anne and Beaufort school sites across the street from LMST will be home to students during construction of the new school.