Update #41 – Nova Centre Public Open House, Brent Toderian lecture, Spring Garden West, much more


In the four days since my last update we’ve had six events come in that I think you may be interested in.

A lot of open houses and engagements, but I want to point out that the construction mitigation open house is finally happening the afternoon of April 18 and then Brent Toderian is coming to do a lecture that afternoon, so that will be a banner day!

Nova Centre Public Open House – Pre-Application Downtown Halifax
Monday, April 11 2016 7pm | The Cambridge Suites – Brunswick Room
This public house is a pre-Application by Argyle Developments for changes to façades, loading areas, and mechanical equipment enclosures for the Nova Centre, a mixed use development located on the lands bounded by Argyle, Market, Prince, and Sackville Streets, through an amendment to an existing approval, under the Substantial Site Plan Approval process for Downtown Halifax. Representatives of Argyle Developments will be present at the Public Open House to discuss the proposal and to answer questions from the public. The meeting is open to anyone who looking for information about the proposal or who would like to express any comments or concerns. For further information, please contact Argyle Developments at noelfowler@eastlink.ca, call 902-405-9999 or visit their website: www.novacentre.ca

Friends of the Halifax Common AGM
Tuesday April 12, 2016, 8pm | Room 301, Halifax Central Library
How can understanding former uses and natural features of the Halifax Common help us deal with contemporary concerns and future challenges? Guest speaker Kevin Hooper investigates the Halifax Common’s social and environmental history and makes the case for reintroducing functioning wetland ecosystems to deal with the challenges facing conventional stormwater management. FHC has some exciting upcoming initiatives including participating in 100in 1 Days & the launch of the Common Link. As well there are challenging problems such as the Willow Tree high rise developments. The Halifax Common is the heart and lungs of our city, everyone’s back and front yard. Why not consider becoming an FHC member or joining the board?

Open House & Presentation – Construction Mitigation
Monday, April 18, 2016 12:30pm | Ralph M. Medjuck Building Exhibition Room, Dalhousie
The municipality will be sharing proposed guidelines to address impacts of construction activity on businesses, residents and visitors at an open house and presentation April 18th. There will be an opportunity for residents to discuss improvements to regulations and enforcement and provide input. Hourly presentations will begin at 12:30 p.m. More information can be found at http://shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/construction-mitigation

Lecture – Density Done Well – Toward A City By Design in Halifax with Brent Toderian
Monday, 18 April 2016, 6:30 PM | Ondaatje Hall – 6134 University Ave
As Halifax begins the process of preparing its Centre Plan, it’s more important than ever that the right tools, processes, conversations & design principles shape the City’s efforts around smart density and intensification. Brent Toderian is the former chief planner for Vancouver, known internationally as a “City By Design.” He now advises cities and innovative developers around the world on smart, creative city-making, including best practices for “density done well.” In this public presentation, he’ll discuss the principles of smart densification, and dispel many of the myths & distractions around the “d-word” that keep cities from achieving better design results as cities change.

Open House & Presentation – Traffic Management at the Armdale Rotary
Monday, April 18, 2016 5:00pm | Captain William Spry Community Centre, 16 Sussex St., Halifax
HRM will be hosting an open house and presentation for residents and municipal staff to exchange ideas regarding the management of traffic approaching the Armdale Rotary from Herring Cove Road and Purcell’s Cove Road. Preliminary work has been completed on two small scale roadway modifications and drawings of these will be on display. Residents can comment on these proposed changes or on other issues regarding the management of traffic in the area.

Spring Garden West – First Public Engagement
Tuesday April 19, 6:30pm | St. Andrews Church Hall, 6036 Coburg Road
Spring Garden West is located on the south side of the western end of Spring Garden Road. The proposed development would be home for over 300 luxury residential apartments complete with amenity level roof terraces & gardens and 3 floors totalling 100,000 square feet of leading edge professional and medical oriented office space. The development will also provide over 25,000 square feet of shop front commercial space at street level with over 300 public parking spaces sheltered below.  For more information visit http://www.livewellonsgw.com/