LED Light Conversion, budget highlights, summer paving, more

Lots of news this issue – info on the LED light conversion, budget details, paving details, an important meeting on the Integrated Mobility Plan, and many community meetings below!

REMINDER – Participatory Budgeting deadline coming May 15 – more info here: http://halifaxsouth.ca/pb

News & Updates

LED Light Conversion
I have had some kudos and some complaints regarding the LED light replacement that has just come to our neighbourhoods. I absolutely understand the concerns – the lights are brighter than before, and the white light is a real change.  I want to hear from you, what are the pros and cons, how can the new lights be adjusted or improved, email me your thoughts?

Below are some actions I am taking around the issues I’ve heard.

I’ve been working with staff to ask the area NS Medical Officer of Health to do an assessment of the health concerns. HRM launched the project four years ago before these concerns came to the surface, and there are conflicting reports, but the good news is that the “bulb” (it is actually a plate of LEDs) in the new fixtures could be changed or swapped to a warmer light if required.

I’ve also been informed that at the end of the installation that the light levels will be adjusted, and also in some areas late night dimming can be considered.   This will be especially beneficial during the overnight hours when traffic/pedestrian volumes are low which would result in further light pollution and energy savings.

For those that are interested, the LED light fixture that is currently being installed has a colour temperature of 4000K. They meet current industry lighting design standards and light-level guidelines of IES RP-8 (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Guidelines for Roadway Lighting), CIE (International Commission on Illumination), and BSI (British Standards Institution). They are full cut-off, IDA-approved (Dark-Sky-certified) fixtures meaning that the light is directional, light pollution is minimal (far less than current lights) and there is no glare for drivers.

Email me your thoughts so HRM can make the appropriate adjustments as this project over the coming months!

Municipal Budget
Halifax Regional Council passed the municipal budget on April 11, 2017. This year marks the introduction of a multi-year budgeting approach for the municipality. The four-year plan means Regional Council approved the 2017-18 operating ($741.5 million) and capital ($187.2 million) budgets, as well as the 2018-19 operating ($763.1 million) and capital ($156.7 million) budgets, in principle. Multi-year budget strategies are considered a more modern, balanced approach to planning and investing. Detailed information on the 2017-18 and 2018-19 budgets can be found by visiting http://halifax.ca/budget/
Below are a few highlights:

  • The tax rate did not increase.  The average single-family home tax bill will increase by 1.8 percent in 2017-18, or an average of $33.
  • The municipality’s debt will continue to decline and should be as low as $245.8 million in 2017-18, and $240.7 million in 2018-19.
  • Key programs and capital projects set to receive significant investment under the multi-year budget strategy include transportation and public works, the Cogswell Redevelopment Project, Transit projects and infrastructure, the Dartmouth 4-pad arena and renovations to the Dartmouth Sportsplex, and numerous recreation infrastructure improvements through the Canada 150 program.
  • Budgets for Public Safety Services – including Fire and Emergency, Police, and RCMP have also increased.

Planned Paving and Construction District 7 2017/18
Residents should be aware that staff will make every  effort to design, tender and construct in 2017; however, unforeseen circumstances may arise which could impact on the scheduling of the project, and potentially cause delays to 2018. Staff are working to complete this list in 2017 but are trying to manage expectations as best as they can.


  • Argyle & Grafton Streets

Street Recapitalization

  • Preston St – Quinpool to Payzant (carryover)
  • Chestnut St – Shirley to Coburg
  • Lilac St – Coburg to Payzant
  • Payzant Ave – Larch to Chestnut
  • Ahern Ave – Bell to Rainnie (Potential Projects List)

Asphalt Overlays

  • Barrington St – Morris to Inglis
  • Inglis St – Barrington to Tower
  • Coburg Rd – Henry to Robie
  • Spring Garden Rd – Robie to Carlton


  • Robie St – North to Spring Garden

Planer Patching

  • Beaufort Ave – Oakland to Belmont on the Arm
  • Jubilee Rd – Oxford to Vernon
  • South St – Le Marchant to Oxford
  • South St – Queen to South Park
  • Tower Rd – Harbourview to Point Pleasant
  • Young Ave – Inglis to Point Pleasant

Crack Sealing

  • Robie St – Quinpool to Spring Garden
  • Beaufort Ave – South to Belmont on the Arm
  • Jubilee Rd – Robie to Oxford
  • South St – Robie to Oxford
  • Tower Rd – Inglis to Point Pleasant
  • Young Ave – Inglis to Point Pleasant
  • Brunswick St – Sackville to Spring Garden
  • Cartaret St – South to Oakland
  • Inglis St – Beaufort to Robie
  • Oxford St – Coburg to Jubilee
  • South St – South Park to Queen
  • Summer St – Bell to Veterans Memorial
  • Trollope St – Cogswell to Bell

Sidewalk Renewals

  • Preston St – Watt to Payzant (E) (carryover)
  • Preston St – Quinpool to Pepperell (E/W) (carryover)
  • Chestnut St – Coburg to Watt (E)
  • Chestnut St – Coburg to Payzant (W)
  • Chestnut St – Payzant to Watt (W)
  • Lilac St – Payzant to Coburg (W)
  • Payzant Ave – Larch to Lilac (S)
  • Ahern Ave – Bell to Rainnie (E,W) (Potential Projects List)

Active Transportation

  • Morris St – University Ave Bikeway Planning (Le Marchant to Lower Water)
  • Halifax Urban Greenway Association
  • Local Street Bikeway Planning (North End & Vernon-Seymour)

Retaining Walls

  • Quinpool Seawall Repairs


  • BR74 Oakland Rd (upgrade)


Public Meetings and Notices

Integrated Mobility Plan Open House
Thursday, April 20 2017 12-2pm | Halifax Central Library
HRM staff will be presenting a series of Integrated Mobility Plan open houses and workshops for residents from April 19-27 around HRM. These sessions are intended for residents interested in finding out more about how the municipality plans to make it easier to walk, bike, or take transit around the Halifax region. This will be the final round of public meetings before the draft plan is presented at Regional Council. Open houses will also be taking place in Cole Harbour, North End Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and Sackville; for a full list of dates and times, please visit http://www.halifax.ca/integratedmobility/

Community Events and Notices

Halifax Cycling Coalition 30 Days of Biking Campaign
30 Days of Biking is a nationwide challenge inviting people to bike every day throughout the month of April, and the Halifax Cycling Coalition is hosting weekly group rides as part of the local campaign. Residents are invited to the following rides, which are free and suitable for all ages and experience levels:

  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 15 2017 11am | Cyclesmith, Agricola Street

  • Earth Day in Dartmouth

Saturday, April 22 2017 10am | Alderney Ferry Terminal

  • 30 Days of Biking Wrap-Up

Sunday, April 30 2017 3pm | The Local Source, Agricola Street

The Halifax Cycling Coalition is also giving away a Giant VIA bicycle – Anyone who registers, donates, or refers a friend before April 30th will be eligible to enter the draw. More information on the giveaway and group rides can be found at https://cyclehalifax.ca/events/

Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey Association announces new league for ages 3-16
The Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey Association is pleased to announce a brand new outdoor league for kids aged 3-16. Early-bird registration is now underway and the fee is $65 for the spring session. Games will be played Sunday and Monday evenings at Halifax Gorsebrook Park rink. Numbers permitting, there will be separate male and female teams, and ages 8 and under will be co-ed and played on a half-rink. There will also be a tyke program, offering skills and shinny for $25. For more information, please visit http://www.nsmbha.com/home

HRM Public Consultation and Survey: Peace, Order, Good Government and Natural Person Powers
The purpose of this consultation is to seek resident input on the municipality having natural person powers (NPP), possible ways NPPs could be used, and the restrictions that might be beneficial to include. HRM staff are hoping to gather information from this consultation that will inform restrictions and draft legislation that will be shared with the Province for consideration. A public survey will be available on the Shape Your City website until the end of April and is available by visiting http://shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/natural-person-powers/survey_tools/advancing-the-ability-to-deliver-programs-services-and-reduce-red-tape-survey .

Open Heart Forgery Poetry Month
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 6pm | Halifax City Hall, Halifax Hall
Open Heart Forgery will launch the April 2017 issue on Tuesday, April 18th from 6-8pm at Halifax City Hall. Open Heart Forgery is a free monthly journal of poems and lyrics that aim to energize Halifax writers from the grass roots up. The journal is created in Halifax and read around the world. For more information, please visit https://ohforgery.com/

Earth Day – Celebrating Earth Optimism with the Ecology Action Centre
April 21-22, 2017 | various locations
Earth Optimism is a global initiative that celebrates a change in focus from problem to solution, from a sense of loss to one of hope, in dialogue about conservation and sustainability. This Earth Day – Saturday, April 22 – join the Ecology Action Centre for a day of workshops, learning, and community to celebrate Earth Optimism in Nova Scotia. Interactive workshops include Basic Bike Maintenance, Cooking with Foraged Food, DIY Earth-friendly salt scrub, and many more. For a full list of events taking place, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/185099025338057/

Smartphone Film Festival Awards + Screening Event
Friday April 21, 2017 7pm | Halifax Central Library
Join The Coast and Eastlink Wireless for the 1st Annual Smartphone Film Festival – an independent festival showcasing short movies made on smartphones by professional, amateur and first-time filmmakers in Halifax. Selected films will be shown at this one-night screening party. For more information, please visit http://spff.ca/

ACORN Information Session on Landlord Licensing with HRM Councillors
Saturday April 22 | 2pm | Multipurpose Room, Dartmouth North Community Centre
Questions to be discussed include: do you believe that HRM has a problem with select landlords taking advantage of people’s living situation?  Whether making landlords acquire a license in order to own and operate a rental property is a viable solution to the problems we are facing with slum lords? Whether the current landlord bylaws are enough to fight the problem, just more enforcement is needed. What do you think we should be working towards to fix the rental situations if not landlord licensing.

Dialect: 2017 NSCAD Fashion Show
Saturday, April 22 2017 7pm | NSCAD University
Dialect is back for another year, showcasing the fabulous collections of student designers at NSCAD. There will be an exhibition space, runway, cash bar and VIP area. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1657330574570209/

Sun Life Financial Chair 10-Year Celebration
Friday, April 28 2017 2pm | Dalhousie University Club
Join TeenMentalHealth.org in celebration of the work and research conducted over the past 10 years under Dr. Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health. The group will also be launching their Pathway Through Care Video and looking ahead to future projects. For more information, please visit http://teenmentalhealth.org/

International Dance Day Celebration
Saturday, April 29 2017 9:30am | Halifax Central Library
Come out and celebrate International Dance Day with free dances classes, performances and more. Presented by Halifax Dance! International Dance Day was initiated in 1982 and takes place April 29th of each year. For a full list of classes and performances, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1439137782803013/

NOVA VOCE’s Celebrating Canada 150
Saturday, April 29, doors at 7, show starts 7:30 | St Andrew’s United Church.

NOVA VOCE men’s provincial choir is Celebrating Canada 150 concert coming up on Saturday, April 29 at 7:30pm at St. Andrew’s, corner of Robie and Coburg. An eclectic selection of Canadian composers and arrangers have provided wonderful possibilities for this concert. Tickets available from Nova Voce Members Bookmark on Spring Garden Road and online at www.novavoce.com

Spring Garden Planning and Development Information Session
Tuesday, May 2 6pm | Halifax Central Library

The Spring Garden Area Business association is hosting an information session regarding planning and development in the Spring Garden area.  Jacob Ritchie and Brad Whalen of HRM will discuss a few different topics including streetscaping, construction mitigation and more.

Tea in the Transept
Saturday, May 6, 2017 | 2-4pm

The Cathedral Church of All Saints, 1330 Cathedral Lane, is hosting a “Tea in the Transept” to celebrate Canada 150 on Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  In the spirit of Canada 150 themes, proceeds will benefit The Healing & Reconciliation Fund of the Anglican Church of Canada. A limited number of Tickets will be pre-sold and are $12.00 each They are available at the box office at the church entrance every Thursday in April from noon until 2:00 p.m. or call 902-429-0845 for ticket information

Help and more info

Call my office
Call our office for assistance with your municipal issues. Contact my Constituency Coordinator Melody Campbell by phone 902-490-2012 or email melody.campbell@halifax.ca or contact me directly. The best way to reach me is via email at my city email – waye.mason@halifax.ca or you can call my direct line at 902-490-8462.

311 – HRM’s Call Centre
HRM’s call centre is open 7 days/week from 7 am to 11 pm to respond to routine inquiries and complaints from HRM residents. Please use this service since it helps HRM keep track of issues that are of concern for residents (missed solid waste pickup, sidewalks not cleared, transit info or complaints, etc.) For more information please visit http://www.halifax.ca/311/

Regional Council Reports and Agendas
If you want to read reports coming to Regional Council (posted mid-day Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting) or to check the agenda please go to: http://www.halifax.ca/council/agendasc/cagenda.php

Halifax and West Community Council Reports and Agendas
Community Council meets on Tuesday evenings that alternate with Regional Council. Please check the webpage here for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations and times. http://www.halifax.ca/commcoun/west/index.php

District 7&8 Planning Advisory Council Reports and Agendas
The District 7&8 Planning Advisory Committee meets once a month to discuss and provide feedback to council on planning proposals for the two districts. Please check the webpage for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations and times: http://www.halifax.ca/boardscom/D78PAC/index.php

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