District 7’s 5th annual participatory budgeting voting end with a record turnout

Five projects received full funding & one more received partial funding

Five hundred and thirty seven residents of Halifax South Downtown voted tonight to decide which community projects would receive funding in the districts 5th annual participatory budget vote.

Residents, many of them children, came to the Halifax Central Library and voted to support five of the nine citizen-led initiatives through funding from District 7 discretionary capital fund.

“We opened the doors an hour earlier than last year and people were still lined up when the doors opened.” said Waye Mason, Councillor for District 7“It was very exciting to see so many people of all ages and from around the district come and have their say.” This year 537 residents voted, up dramatically from 360 in 2017, 335 in 2015, 260 in 2014 and 120 in 2013.

Full funding was provided to the Le Marchant St Thomas PTA – $20,000.00 for playground improvements; Partners for Care / Common Roots Urban Farm – $6100  for tables, sitting area and water stations; Inglis Street Elementary School PTA – $20,000.00 for playground improvements and a swing set; Climb NS – $17,500 for an outdoor gym; Halifax Cycling Coalition $14,250 – for eco counters and bike repair station.  Partial funding was provided to Downtown Halifax Business Commission with $16,150 for parkland upgrades.

“Once again I heard many residents say how hard it is to choose just five projects.  All the projects were excellent” Mason said “but in the end residents made their decisions”

Proposals will now be vetted by HRM staff and pending policy and due diligence by staff organizations should receive their funding in six to eight weeks.