Raymond Taavel Park

I am so pleased that this Inglis Street Park has been renamed Raymond Taavel Park. You can read about his story here.  I love the ideas that the Friends of Raymond Taavel have generated and look forward to seeing these changes happen over this summer.

On Wednesday August 19 2015 we set up a tent and played some funk and R&B music on a little boom box and asked people what they thought of Inglis Street Park.  What we heard was the park was comfortable and had a good image, that people like location but many didn’t know it was a park.  The park is underused and needs signage saying it is a park.  People wanted to volunteer to help clean up the park and make it more active.

As a result in 2016 a sign was installed, old telecoms infrastructure removed, the trees limbed up, and new benches and picnic tables delivered.

Here is a summary table of the feedback:

Positives Negatives Suggestions
Green space People don’t know it’s a park, think it’s private property Add signage to let people know it’s a park
Shade Not enough seating Add more benches and picnic tables
Trees Not enough natural light getting through Trim Trees to allow more light
Quiet, relaxing More flowers/a garden
Close proximity to home Add an area for children to play, fence along busy street.
Hold more community events, especially local musicians
Approach Boneheads for a partnership