Hurricane Dorian recovery update 2 Sept 9 12 noon


A lot of the District 7 has gotten power back but there are still large areas without.  I will be touring the area with Mayor Savage and Deputy Fire Chief Bezanson at 2pm to get a better idea about the work in front of us.  NS Power will have new projected times later today (see below)

Been getting a lot of calls about trees.  To be clear – municipal staff will be removing municipal (street & park) trees damaged in the storm. Residents should leave that to the professionals. Call 311 to report downed trees. Curbside collection described below is available for debris and yard waste generate by the storm from private property, and does not include street trees (even if it fell on your property.)

This will be the last big blog/email for a while, I’ll just be tweeting and facebooking updates from NS Power from now on.

Here are is an update on what is underway today (Sept 9)

South Park closed – Breton to Spring Garden (including adjacent part of Victoria Park) – For safety reasons, the road and sidewalk around the collapsed construction crane on South Park Street is closed. The businesses along that stretch are closed for the time being.

Comfort Centres – If you think you need to go to a comfort centre to recharge your phone or warm up, that is sufficient reason to be on the roads, as is checking on family members. were:

  • Dartmouth East Community Centre – 50 Caledonia Rd, Dartmouth
  • Musquodoboit Lions Club – 7920 Hwy 7, Musquodoboit Harbour
  • Gaetz Brook Legion – 6644 Nova Scotia Trunk 7, Head of Chezzetcook

Note – Canada Games Centre, 26 Thomas Raddall Drive, Halifax is now an overnight shelter only for evacuated residents / no longer a comfort centre.

Library – all open except Woodlawn which has no power. Wifi, heat, lights, books, magazines, libraries are worth every penny.

Power – NS Power did restore power to 10s of thousands of homes last night.  They are reporting on CBC that NS Powers outage map will be updated today with more realistic times for reconnection.

If your power is still off after your neighbours are connected they may not know you or your block or the poll connection is not working. Report that  or report outages and also receive the latest estimated times of restoration via the outage map at or call by calling 1-877-428-6004.

For those currently without power, residents are encouraged to turn off all tools, appliances and electronic equipment, and turn the thermostat(s) for the home heating system down to minimum to prevent damage from a power surge when power is restored

Internet – both Bell and Eastlink are down for a lot of folks, including us. Call your service provider if your internet and phone are down.

Garbage – pick-up scheduled for Monday on the peninsula is postponed and is rescheduled for Monday, Sept. 16. Due to the skipped pick-up date, residents can put double the number of garbage bags at the curb as normal. All other Monday collection is going ahead.

What to do with the trees & organic debris – For safety reasons, residents are advised to not attempt to assist with clearing downed trees in the municipal right-of-way. Those trees will be handled by professional crews. However, residents are responsible for tree maintenance on their own properties.

Branches and organics – branches should be tied in armload-sized bundles, to a maximum of 10 bundles, for collection day over the next two weeks. No bundle can exceed 34 kg (75 lb) and no individual piece can be more than 4 feet long (1.2 m) or larger than 8 inches (0.2m) in diameter. The bundle limit will increase from five to 10 to accommodate clean up efforts for the next two weeks.

Any materials larger than this should be delivered to construction and demolition locations at Halifax C&D Recycling Ltd. (16 Mills Dr. in Goodwood), or 188 Ross Rd., in Westphal. Note: There is a fee charged by these private service providers.

Transit – Halifax Transit is operating.  Expect delays.

Halifax Water – Open

Water distribution – HRM has opened sites for those affected by water shortages (no power results in no ability to pull water from private wells) have been set up at the Chezzetcook Fire Station (Station 23) and Tantallon Fire Station (Station 65).

Recreation – please call ahead to confirm the facility you want to attend is open.

Parks – parks are closed unless otherwise indicated

Public Schools – closed today

And once again, help your neighbours, lend a hand, be kind, and be patient.

Continue to call 911 in an emergency. Call 311 for downed trees and flooding. Call NSPI for power for downed lines 877-428-6004.

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