Endorsement – Mark Stradiotto

Mark and I met one morning at a meeting called by the Principal of Inglis School to discuss how to make the gravel-filled playground at Gorsebrook wheelchair accessible. I am so happy HRM was able to make changes to ensure everyone, including Mark’s daughter Julia, are able to enjoy the playground.

Waye was instrumental in bringing about key improvements to the Gorsebrook playground and the Inglis Street Elementary School yard, including wheelchair accessibility for my daughter and other special-needs children. In the spring of 2016, members of the Inglis Street Elementary School community initiated this project, primarily in response to the needs of my daughter, who attends Inglis Elementary. I feel that the success of the project was largely attributable to 

Waye, who tirelessly provided coordination with HRM and school staff, as well as the PTA. He reached out to CFB Halifax and arranged for 20 volunteers from the Canadian Forces to clean the yard of plants, gravel and debris, which HRM staff hauled away. He also worked with staff to arrange for the installation of an accessible asphalt paved path. 

I want to emphasize how important these two efforts were – without this cleaning and paving, our daughter would not be able to participate in activities with other children on the playground, and would not be able to access the renewed accessible playground that was being envisioned. In the latter part of 2017, Waye worked with stakeholders on the development of a new concept plan for the accessible playground, and in the fall of 2018 all components (play set and swing) were opened for use. 

Throughout the entire process, I was impressed by the way in which Waye helped to push the project forward, in a way that benefitted both my daughter, and the children of the community in general. Our family is truly grateful to him for his efforts!  

Mark Stradiotto, parent & resident of District 7

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