Crisis Housing Motion – Mayor Savage

That Halifax Regional Council Waive the Rules of Order to suspend the notice provisions associated with motions and:

  • To Direct the CAO to implement a range of emergency supportive housing and emergency shelter accommodations for those who are unhoused in collaboration with and based on feedback from community-based social services providers and the Province of Nova Scotia to address immediate and emergent needs including measures such as the fit-up of spaces for temporary accommodations, renting of hotel and other spaces and further, and to coordinate and collaborate with community-based social services providers and the Province of Nova Scotia in that respect;
  • Direct that the CAO be authorized to spend up to $500,000 from Fiscal Services in respect of addressing these needs, and report on the use of said funds quarterly at a minimum; and,
  • Further direct the CAO to work with Department of Community Services and community service providers on a needs-analysis including determining how many people are unhoused, how many of them are currently tenting or occupying other forms of shelter within parks and other public lands in Halifax Regional Municipality and how many can be accommodated in a safer manner.


Emergency need to address needs of unhoused population and authorize the CAO to spend accordingly to progress emergency interim shelter opportunities.

Outcome Sought:

Authorization for spending as per above alongside Council directive to continue to work collaboratively with community partners and other orders of government to meet housing affordability needs more broadly.

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