District 7 Update – Participatory Budgeting, Wanderers block, Square Roots delayed, wildfire updates, more

In this issue

My Council Update includes updates on Participatory Budgeting 2023, some information about what is actually going on with the Wanderers block, Square Roots Halifax Delayed, Canada Day, NAIG 2023, and much more.  I have some more Wildfire Updates in a separate section

Public Engagement includes our upcoming summer schedule for meetings.  Roadworks continues to amaze with the amount of work going on.  Community Events & Information has Pride, Jazzfest, NAIG, Kana’ta Canada Day, and much much more.

Councillor Update

Hello all,

I wanted to share that the 2023 Participatory Budgeting vote results are in for District 7. On June 12 over three hundred and fifty people turned out to vote at the Central Library After a fun and sometimes hectic night 4 small projects receive full funding, 7 large projects received full funding, and one received partial funding at the first District 7 Participatory Budgeting vote since COVID paused the project.

Despite the tragic wildfires last week forcing a last-minute rescheduling of the event with just one day’s notice, the event was packed from the start. You can read details about the results here: https://wayemason.ca/20/06/13/2023-participatory-budgeting-vote-results-are-in-for-district-7/

I also wanted to address some incorrect information being shared about the future of the Wanderers Grounds.

No “secret deal” has been made.  On November 22, 2022, the Public Gardens Foundation’s unsolicited and interesting proposal to help arrange funds for a Botanical Hall on the block was presented by Mr Robert Pace to Council and the public via the Community Planning Economic Development standing committee meeting of Council.

It was natural that the other tenants on that block, being Halifax Lancers, Wanderers Lawn Bowling Club, and HFX Wanderers FC would have concerns. The original proposal showed the lawn bowls moved off-site and consume much of not all of their space and municipal work depot space. They had not been consulted about the Botanical Hall.

On January 26 I convened a meeting of current and possible future tenants of the municipal land on Wanderers Block. The goal was to see if everything would fit on the block. I suggested that rather than argue through me or with staff, the groups should coordinate their asks and aspirations and make sure each of their goals did not become an obstacle to another group achieving theirs.

No decision has been made.  You can read the full details about where we are at with this process here: https://wayemason.ca/2023/06/26/update-on-the-wanderers-block/

Unfortunately, the launch of Square Roots Halifax South has been postponed until further notice.  Square Roots bundles are dedicated to reducing food waste and increasing food security. The entire food program (all Square Roots services, apparently) is on hold due to insufficient produce from participating farms. We hope to start up in late summer or early Fall. You can watch for updates on our website: squarerootsbundleshfxsouth.com

The municipality’s annual tree planting program ensures the continued health of our urban forest and contributes to our climate action goals. Beginning in mid-May, the Halifax Regional Municipality will plant approximately 2,500 trees throughout right-of-way spaces and other municipally-owned land.

Tree planting supports Regional Council-approved initiatives, including the Urban Forest Management Plan and HalifACT. Learn more about our tree planting program: halifax.ca/treeplanting

KANA’TA: Canada Day 2023 celebrations will take place on Saturday, July 1, 2023. This re-envisioned format for Canada Day offers a variety of new and refreshed cultural, musical and family-oriented events to enjoy.  KANA’TA: Canada Day 2023 programming will include the Mawio’mi on the Halifax Waterfront, a multi-stage experience on the Halifax Waterfront and an air show by the Canadian Forces (CF) Snowbirds. The evening will finish with a 10 p.m. fireworks display over the Halifax Harbour. Full event details can be found at hrmcanadaday.ca.

I also wanted to update you on the meetings I attended two weeks ago.  First was the Green Municipal Fund Council, Ottawa withbig news is that we are weeks away from an official announcement of confirmed funding GMF through the National Adaption Strategy. https://www.municipalworld.com/feature-story/fcm-national-adaptation-strategy/  This will grow the GMF endowment by $520 million.  Details will be announced shortly.  The next GMF face-to-face is in September.  Council meets monthly virtually in between face-to-face sessions.  More on GMF here https://greenmunicipalfund.ca/

Waye speaking on a panel at Canadian Vote Summit in Toronto

I then attended the Canadian Vote Summit, Toronto where I was asked to present on participatory budgeting in Halifax at this conference at Toronto Metropolitan University. It was a really interesting mix of mostly academics and chief returning officers, but also some municipal elected folks, staff, library representatives, and activists. Highlights included a panel on Political Parties at the Municipal Level – Good for DemocracyState of Electoral Democracy in Canada – Earning Trust and Fostering Participation and one near and dear to us all – Detoxing Democracy: How Online Hate is Harming Civic Engagement.

The keynote was by Pippa Norris of Harvard, who summarized her findings from her book In Praise of Skepticism – Trust but Verify which I am going to have to read now –  https://academic.oup.com/book/44043/chapter-abstract/371921484?redirectedFrom=fulltext and CBC’s Elamin Abdelmahmoud speaking about democracy in a multicultural society.  More on CSV here: https://www.engagedemocracy.ca/canadian-vote-summit

Weekly green cart collection will begin on Monday, July 3.  The summer green cart collection service will be in effect for the months of July, August and September. Collection services can begin as early as 7 a.m. Residents are asked to place materials curbside the evening prior to collection day to ensure items are collected. Residents can look up their collection schedules on halifax.ca. Bi-weekly green cart collection will resume on Monday, October 2.

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency is now accepting applications for career firefighters. The deadline for applications is July 2. Career firefighters serve their communities by protecting and preserving life, property and the environment through appropriate emergency management. Firefighting is a rewarding and challenging career.  Firefighters work long hours and often under highly physically demanding work. Careers with HRFE offer flexible work-life balance and competitive salaries. For more information, visit https://www.halifax.ca/about-halifax/employment/work-halifax-fire

I was recently asked to take the 2023 Pride Pledge.  Normally I find these kinds of pledges a bit too much of performative political theatre and I don’t do them, but in this case, I am making an exception.  The threats to 2SLGBTQIA rights are real and present in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Canada.  Therefore I, elected official, pledge to:

1. Publicly and unequivocally identify, name, and denounce anti-trans hate, speech and violence.
2. Allow and affirm 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion and celebration within my jurisdiction whether it takes place in the form of a flag, event, or other such expression.
3. Publicly support trans-inclusive policies, motions, bills, and other such legislation that materially improves living conditions for my constituents. (ie. increased WAGE funding for employment and Bill 42 in ON)
4. Publicly denounce anti-trans policies, bills, motions, and other such legislation that negatively impacts my constituents.

Hate has no place in our community.

Finally – the North American Indigenous Games are just around the corner, and I think you should be excited and I wanted to share this video to help with that:


Please be safe, be kind, be patient,


Wildfire Update

Settling insurance claims on the wildfires in Halifax and Shelburne County, Nova Scotia
If you suffered damage from the wildfires in Halifax and Shelburne County, Nova Scotia and have questions or concerns about your insurance claim, there is free, independent, and impartial help available from the General Insurance OmbudService (GIO). GIO is an independent body set up to help Canadians find a fair resolution to disputes with insurance providers. GIO can provide advice on dealing with your insurance company as a first step. If you are not satisfied with the decision from your provider on your claim, GIO can help resolve your claim.  Contact them here: https://giocanada.org/contact/

Police advise the public of recurring home repair scam
Police are continuing to receive reports of a home repair scam that is occurring in the Halifax region.  Over the last two months, police have received a number of reports where a group of men knock on the door of a residence and advise the homeowner that their chimney requires repair. In some cases, the group represents themselves as being from a local company who was working in the area, and they offer to do the work but tell the homeowner they first require a deposit for materials. Police are sharing tips to keep in mind when getting work done on your home or property:

  • Be cautious if a home repair company shows up at your door without being solicited. Don’t be afraid to say no thank you’ and close the door.
  • Don’t be pressured into making a decision on the spot. Scammers try to create a sense of urgency so you will take immediate action and don’t have time to think the situation through.
  • Check companies with the Better Business Bureau (https://www.bbb.org/local-bbb/better-business-bureau-serving-the-atlantic-provinces) and/or ask for references from previous clients.
  • Consider getting written quotes (not estimates) from at least two businesses.
  • Be cautious of providing money upfront for work, avoid paying large deposits in advance and arrange staged payments.
  • Always agree upon the price, payment arrangements, job details and start/finish dates in writing before any work starts on your home.
  • Only pay invoices once you can confirm the work has been carried out and don’t pay in full until the work has been completed as agreed upon.

Call police at 902-490-5016 if you’ve lost money or your identity has been compromised as the result of a scam. You can report a scam where you haven’t been a victim to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by calling 1-888-495-8501.

My home was destroyed or partially destroyed by the fires, how does this impact my property taxes?
The municipality has a Residential Property Tax Exemption Program in place for properties that have been destroyed or partially destroyed by the fires, as determined by Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency (HRFE).
The municipality calculates property tax based on the property assessment value determined annually by Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC), the assessment authority for Nova Scotia.

Public Meetings, Hearings & Engagement

Halifax Regional Council – Halifax City Hall, Council Chambers
If you want to read reports coming to Regional Council (posted mid-day Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting) or to check the agenda. Upcoming meetings:

  • July 11, 10am
  • August 8, 10am

Agendas here: https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=127

Halifax & West Community Council – Halifax City Hall, Council Chambers
Community Council meets on Tuesday evenings alternating with Regional Council. Please check the webpage here for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations, and times.

  • Tuesday, July 4 6 pm (if required)

Agenda here – https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140

Regional Centre Community Council – Harbour East Marine Drive Room, Alderney Landing
Community Council meets on Tuesday evenings alternating with Regional Council. Please check the webpage here for agendas (usually available a week before the meeting), locations, and times.

  • Wednesday, July 12, 6 pm (if required)

Agenda here – https://www.halifax.ca/city-hall/agendas-meetings-reports?category=140

Halifax Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee & Design Advisory Committee
The Nova Scotia government has suspended the meeting of planning advisory committees and most forms of public engagement in planning for three years, ending April 2025.

Information about how to watch or participate in virtual meetings can be found on the agenda pages. Please confirm meeting dates and times on our website as dates and times are subject to change.

Roadworks Update

A couple more projects added:

  • GRANVILLE ST from SALTER ST to BLOWERS ST, starting on 2023-07-07
  • BEECH ST from NORWOOD ST to PEPPERELL ST, starting on 2023-07-07
  • SALTER ST from BARRINGTON ST to HOLLIS ST, starting on 2023-07-07
  • SEYMOUR ST from UNIVERSITY AVE to SOUTH ST, starting on 2023-06-28
  • HENRY ST from UNIVERSITY AVE to SOUTH ST, starting on 2023-06-28
  • BRUNSWICK ST from SACKVILLE ST to SPRING GARDEN RD, starting on 2023-06-17
  • SOUTH PARK ST from SPRING GARDEN RD to SACKVILLE ST, starting on 2023-06-17
  • SPRING GARDEN RD from BRUNSWICK ST to SOUTH PARK ST, starting on 2023-06-17
  • SACKVILLE ST from SOUTH PARK ST to BRUNSWICK ST, starting on 2023-06-17
  • OAKLAND RD from ROBIE ST to WATERLOO ST, starting on 2023-06-25

You can find out road closure details on the HRM Roadworks map:https://www.halifax.ca/transportation/streets-sidewalks/RoadWorks

Cogswell Construction Project
This major construction project, one of the biggest HRM has ever undertaken, is well underway.  Construction will take three years.  More info can be found here:  https://www.halifax.ca/about-halifax/regional-community-planning/construction-projects/cogswell-district-redevelopment

Jubilee Road CN Bridge – Updated
Canadian National Railways (CN) and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) are proceeding with bridge and roadway rehabilitation work on Jubilee Road in April 2023. The work will include rehabilitation of the arch bridge structure, full replacement of the roadway, railing, and sidewalks as well as work to the water and wastewater services. Construction is planned to last for seven months during which time no pedestrian or vehicular traffic will be permitted.

Map showing pedestrian, cycle and car detours around the Jubilee Bridge rehabilitation.

Updates will also be provided on HRMs webpage at halifax.ca/cnbridgesrehabilitation. If you have any tenants at this address, please forward a copy of this letter for their information.

Please contact CN at 1-888-888-5909 or at contact@cn.ca if you have any questions.

Community Events and Info

Emera Oval is open
The Oval has opened for residents and guests to enjoy in-line skating, roller skates, biking, skateboarding and more. The Emera Oval offers free equipment rentals (with valid government-issued ID), public washrooms, and first aid. It includes an accessible washroom, on-street accessible parking, and wheelchair access on the surface (outside lane only). Before heading over, please check the schedule below in case of closures due to weather issues, surface condition closures or special events.  Group bookings are available for 20 people or more with advance registration. Learn more by visiting https://www.halifax.ca/parks-recreation/programs-activities/outdoor-recreation/emera-oval.

Splash Pads are now open
Bring on summer… some splash pads, beaches, and outdoor pools are now open for the season!  Open NOW (as of June 17) are Bayers-Westwood, George Dixon, Isleville Street, Cole Harbour, Shirley’s, Westmount & Sackville splash pads.  Opening July 1st – Bedford and Cole Harbour outdoor pools, supervised municipal beaches, plus, FREE indoor swims at the Needham pool all summer long! Bookings are required for the Bedford and Cole Harbour outdoor pools and can be completed on our website. Visit halifax.ca/beaches for the full schedule and details! Due to the construction of the new Halifax Commons Aquatics Facility, the Halifax Common outdoor pool opening is yet to be determined.

KANA’TA: Canada Day 2023 celebrations
Saturday, July 1, 2023 | Various locations

This re-envisioned format for Canada Day offers a variety of new and refreshed cultural, musical, and family-oriented events to enjoy. Developed in close collaboration with Indigenous communities, KANA’TA: Canada Day 2023 offers programming that honours the traditions of the Mi’kmaw Nation and celebrates pan-Indigenous communities that call the municipality home.  KANA’TA: Canada Day 2023 programming will include the Mawio’mi on the Halifax Waterfront, a Dartmouth Summer Sunshine Series free concert, a Multi-Stage experience on the Halifax Waterfront featuring multiple genres of music – and the daytime and nighttime headliners will take to the SKY! for the first time ever the Canadian Forces (CF) Snowbirds will host an Air Show at lunchtime over the Halifax Harbour. KANA’TA: Canada Day 2023 is partnering with The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and the Halifax Citadel National Historic site to offer free admission on Saturday, July 1. For all details, visit https://hrmcanadaday.ca/

Creative Connections: An Event Bridging Businesses and the Arts Community in Halifax
July 6, 2023 5:30- 8:30 | The Ligfht House Arts Centre 1800 Argyle St

The Light House Arts Centre and the Black Business Initiative are pleased to announce their collaboration in hosting Creative Connections.
Creative Connections is a free event bringing together arts-based businesses & artists, other businesses and the public for an evening of networking, conversations and relationship building. It will centre Black-owned arts businesses, and include creative companies from other groups as well, hosted by Nzingha Millar and Mamadou Wade. The event offers an exciting lineup of activities including table displays, digital displays, short presentations, a “world café” chat about business and arts in Halifax, networking opportunities and live drawing. The evening will conclude with a reception with music and entertainment by music from Halifax’s own DJ Laton. To register visit: www.lighthouseartscentre.ca/linkup or @linkhfx on Instagram & Facebook. For more information call Ryan Veltmeyer at 902-579-4673 or email ryan@lighthouseartscentre.ca

Halifax TD Jazz Festival
July 11-16, 2023 | Various locations around HRM
The TD Halifax Jazz Festival is back for another year, with artists from around the world bringing the sounds of jazz to the city streets. This year promises to be bigger and better than ever! With 14 stages across Halifax, there is sure to be something for everyone. Featuring Shaggy, BADBADNOTGOOD featuring special guest Sudan, Digable Planets, Jenn Grant, Feist, Fleet Foxes, and Fortunate Ones and many more. For more information and a full schedule of events, please visit http://halifaxjazzfestival.ca/

North American Indigenous Games (NAIG)
July 15-23 | Various Venues

The 10th North American Indigenous Games will host competitions in 16 sports within 21 venues across Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Dartmouth, Millbrook First Nation and Sipekne’katik.  The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) 2023 will bring together more than 5,000 athletes, coaches and team staff from 756+ Indigenous Nations celebrating, sharing and reconnecting through sport and culture with the help of 3,000 volunteers. For more info visit https://naig2023.com/

Halifax Pride Festival
July 20-30, 2023 | Various locations around HRM
July means it’s Halifax Pride Festival! Everyone is invited to come out and experience the variety of colourful shows and events happening in Downtown Halifax! The Halifax Pride Festival is Canada’s fourth largest Pride Festival and is a celebration highlighting the unique character of our diverse community. The Pride Parade will take place Sunday, July 223th from 2pm and please note is taking a new route due to Cogswell construction.  For a full list of events, please visit www.halifaxpride.com or call 902-431-1194

Natal Day 2023
August 7, 2023 | Halifax Regional Municipality

Mark your calendars for Natal Day! Registration is now open for participants in the annual Natal Day parade! As part of the municipality’s Natal Day weekend programming, residents are invited to participate in the Halifax-Dartmouth Natal Day parade on Monday, August 7, 2023.  The parade will begin at Novalea Drive in Halifax at 10 a.m. and will conclude at Maple Street in Dartmouth. A maximum of 55 entries will be permitted to participate, so register soon!  halifax.ca

Halifax Lancers  Summer 2023 Public Programming
Various Dates and Locations
The Horses of Halifax love their home in our city and want to spend their summer with YOU!  As a non-profit, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits and joys of horses. Let the horses touch your heart through:

Musical Ride Performances:
Saturday, July 1 at 3:00 pm                
o   Garrison Grounds at Halifax Citadel National Historic Site
Sunday, September 24
o   Hants County Exhibition, Windsor, Nova Scotia
Sunday, October 1 at 2:00 pm
o   Halifax Lancers Open House, Outdoor Paddock, 1690 Bell Road

Public Hands-on Workshops:  July 4 – August 3 (Book Online), Free Stable Tours:   June 5 – July 28, Downtown Horse Show:  Sunday, July 30, Outdoor Paddock, 1690 Bell Road
More info:  https://www.halifaxlancers.com/summer

Public Gardens Summer Schedule (as of June 19)
Various Dates and times | Halifax Public Gardens

Cultural Concerts             Tuesdays 6:30 – 8 PM
·         July 4                 TBA
·         July 17               Paul Muin, Traditional First Nations Music
·         July 18               Pan Ashe,  Afro-Cuban Guitar Group
·         July 25               Ukrainian Vocal Trio
·         August 1             Papillio, Ancient Traditional Spanish/Celtic Music

Classical Concerts            Thursdays – 6:30 to 8:00 PM
·         June 29               Anthony Rissesco, Suite Four, String Quartet·
July 6                  Linda Marmen, Cello and Piano
·         July 13                Adam LeBlanc, Ekko Mindful Music String Trio
·         July 20                Vladimir Sitnikov, Talent Studio Classical Guitar
·         July 27               Catherine Little, KLM String Trio

Country Music in the City   Fridays – 6:30 to 8:00 PM
·         Brought to you by The Farm Team and Guests
·         July 7 to September 15

Student Classical Series  Thursdays  – 6:30-7:30
·         August 10      Piano students:  Alex Leeshanok and others
·         August 17      Trad Ensemble: Renaissance Music student group

Free one-hour horticultural and historical tour of the Halifax Public Gardens, initiated by the Nova Scotia Horticultural Society in 1836, expanded to the present 16 acres in 1867. Explore the highlights of the only surviving Victorian Garden in North America, a National Historic Site. Scheduled tours: 10:30 am, noon, 1:30 pm and 3 pm. Register at The Friends of the Public Gardens Visitor Information Desk in Horticultural Hall. The tour begins in Juan Plaza, halfway between South Park and Summer Street on the Spring Garden Road side of the gardens. Tours by Reservation – contact: infohalifaxpublicgardens@gmail.com or visit the Visitor Information Desk. For more info visit https://www.halifaxpublicgardens.ca/

District Boundary Review final hearing
September 7, 2023, 6:30 pm | Offices of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, 1601 Lower Water Street

On May 30, 2023, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) gave notice that the public hearing and evening session for the municipality’s 2022 District Boundary Review application (Matter No. M10924), originally scheduled for May 31, 2022, had been postponed due to the local state of emergency in effect because of the wildfires affecting communities in the region. The NSUARB has rescheduled the public hearing session for Matter No. M10924 for the evening of September 7, 2023, starting at 6:30 p.m. The hearing will take place at Offices of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, 1601 Lower Water Street, 3rd Floor, Halifax, NS. The deadline for speakers to register at the original hearing was May 10, 2023, therefore there will not be an opportunity for additional speakers to register to speak at the rescheduled hearing. The municipality’s website, halifax.ca/boundaryreview, will be updated with the rescheduled hearing date and there will be social media posts to advise of the new date in consultation with the NSUARB. There will also be reminder social media posts one week before the rescheduled hearing on September 7, 2023.

Test Drive an Electric Vehicle
Various Locations

The municipality is partnering with Next Ride and the Clean Foundation to host 18 free electric vehicle test drive events in communities throughout the municipality between May and July, 2023. Our team will be on hand to answer questions and share information about electric vehicles, available rebates and what to expect from the municipality’s electric vehicle strategy. Secure your spot by registering for a free test drive event near you in advance. Limited walk-in spots will be available. Links to register will become available approximately two weeks before each event. To register, visit Next Ride’s webpage and scroll down to find our municipal test drive events as they become available. You can see the full list of event dates and locations by visiting https://www.halifax.ca/about-halifax/energy-environment/electric-vehicle-strategy?fbclid=IwAR2rf0h0t30BJFGWe5_ThJgf_2kcVjW9n8cMJKPM3tKavD4EhWaUizUYrMA .

Spring 2023 Gritty to Pretty
Applications Open | Online

The Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC) has launched a call for submissions for the Spring 2023 Gritty to Pretty Placemaking Program. The 8th edition of this program will once again include our standard Open Grant and Mural Grant, as well as our Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) Muraland Open Grants. We are also proud to reopen our Façade Lighting Grant as part of this call out. To be considered for DHBC funding, applicants are asked to submit a completed application form which can be found on our website at www.downtownhalifax.ca/grittytopretty. Additional documents that describe and support funding requests are encouraged. The deadline to apply for all five grants is Thursday, June 15, 2023.

Learn-to-row for girls, non-binary, BIPOC, newcomer, and queer youth
Register Now | Halifax Rowing Club at St Mary’s Boat Club

The Halifax Rowing Club has funding from ParticipACTION Canada to offer 8 youth free Learn-to-Row classes and a whole summer of rowing, free of charge, plus coverage of transportation costs (bus tickets). We are hoping to engage girls, non-binary, BIPOC, newcomer, and queer youth and would very much appreciate if you would spread the word! To register, go to:  https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/dpQXSo7v

HRM LakeWatchers
July 1 – August 31 | Lakes near you

Get involved in monitoring the quality of our local lakes! The municipality’s LakeWatchers program launched last year and is a great way to help keep our lakes safe and clean. The program will involve community teams to:

  • Conduct environmental monitoring in 76 lakes across the municipality.
  • Collect data, such as pH levels, to inform future actions to maintain/improve a lake’s health.
  • Share data with residents through future staff reports to Regional Council and through the municipality’s Open Data Portal (https://catalogue-hrm.opendata.arcgis.com/)

You can get involved!  Data collection will take place twice yearly through a year through internal sampling (staff or contractors) and/or trained community teams, called LakeWatchers. The municipality will leverage existing water quality community groups and welcomes new volunteers to collect data in support of this program.  Interested in getting involved? Learn more: https://halifax.ca/lakewatchers

Service Canada Supports Communities

Does someone in your community need help with Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), and more?  Are you or one of your community members a person with a disability or need extra support to get Service Canada benefits and services? Access support online at https://eservices.canada.ca/en/service/  Does someone in your community need a Social Insurance Number or confirmation of their SIN? Access help at  https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/sin.html

Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up
Everywhere | Register today

Residents and groups looking to clean up litter in their communities can access programs supported by HRM Solid Waste Resources. Between the months of April to November, residents of Halifax can register with the Great Nova Scotia Pick Me Up (GNSPMU) by visiting their website (https://www.nspickmeup.ca). GNSPMU is coordinated by Divert Nova Scotia and is supported in part by HRM. Upon registration, residents can pick up their free litter cleanup kit, which consists of litter bags and nitrile gloves, at their local Halifax Public Library or at one of the three Customer Service Centers located throughout HRM.

In addition to providing litter kits, HRM also provides three different disposal options for residents participating in the GNSPMU program. These disposal options include:

  1. Placing the materials curbside to be collected on your next garbage collection day if it does not exceed curbside bag limits.
  2. Taking the materials directly to the Otter Lake landfill for disposal. HRM will waive tipping fees for any groups or residents who are registered with the GNSPMU.
  3. Residents can also get the materials picked by HRM road operations. Residents who choose this disposal option must contact 311 two weeks prior to their litter clean-up date to help ensure that the materials are collected.

Residents and groups who are looking to complete litter cleanups during the winter months can contact wasteless@halifax.ca directly to access litter kits and to arrange for pickup from their cleanup event.  If you have any additional questions about litter programs they can contact wasteless@halifax.ca or visit www.halifax.ca/litter.

Housing Clinic
Monday and Thursday Mornings | Halifax Central Library, Spring Garden Road

Welcome Housing hosts Housing Clinics for those experiencing housing precarity every Monday and Thursday in June from 9-12 am, except on June 16

How can we help?

311 – HRM’s Call Centre
HRM’s call centre is open 7 days a week, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to respond to routine inquiries and complaints from HRM residents. Please use this service since it helps HRM keep track of issues that are of concern to residents. More info here: https://www.halifax.ca/home/311

Call my office
Call my office for assistance with your municipal issues. Please try 311 first, and when you call the office have your 311 reference number ready. Vicki Palmeter is my Constituency Coordinator. Vicki can be reached by email at Victoria.palmeter@halifax.ca or by phone at 902-490-2012.

Call or email me
I’m always available to help residents. Email is always better than a phone call, as I am often in meetings and much of the time I cannot answer the phone. If Victoria or 311 cannot assist you, please email me at waye.mason@halifax.ca or call 902.430.7822