OccupyNS Eviction Coverage and Opinion – A Summary

Some reading for those that wish to know more: Start with Bethany Horne’s excellent summary of issues around the camp. Read Parker Donham’s summary of a Senseless and Unnecessary Use of Power.  Surf his site for more feedback. Read and listen to Tim Bousquet’s of the Coast’s interview with Mayor Peter Kelly, and then read Dan Arsenault from the Herald’s interview.  Both show the power and frustration of politico’s slavishly sticking to the talking points. Finally, we go back to Parker’s site to read read more

Oh my people.

Dream job. HRM or NSDTC hires me as a program manager for arts and culture. Make the interface work. Or alternately, NSDTC pays for the creation of a new culture sector strategy that I am one of the lead authors on. The biggest issue facing people from culture these days is how many times we, the arts and culture community, have told funders “this is what we will do” just to see the the budget get totally blown. AGNS routinely read more

Broke It

that will learn me. I broke the wordpress theme. It now thinks there is no template for the theme. I expect I know what I am doing for the next few hours…. fah! EDIT – 12:40 fixed it… updated it… walking away from it for the rest of the day!