Oh my people.

Dream job. HRM or NSDTC hires me as a program manager for arts and culture. Make the interface work. Or alternately, NSDTC pays for the creation of a new culture sector strategy that I am one of the lead authors on.

The biggest issue facing people from culture these days is how many times we, the arts and culture community, have told funders “this is what we will do” just to see the the budget get totally blown.

AGNS routinely blows out its budget. Many anchor organizations are funded at the start of the year, and then bailed out at years end. This is not helped by the chronic lack of funding for the core arts anchors in Nova Scotia. I have started to wonder if thats just how we do it now, fund, then bail out, rather than simply give more at the start!

It reinforces the image we have as the sector that cannot handle money. And it means that when arts organizations say “we can do this and balance our budget” many bureaucrats are skeptical, and with good reason!

Add to that how many arts administrators refuse to learn the language or even goals of government. They have no idea how to sell their ideas, and they seem to think its a badge of honor not to learn!

EDIT – note to self. Fewer exclamation points will only help in the future. Dang.