Waye Mason For District 7

Well, no blog posts for a while!  Why you ask?  Because this happened today: Today I launch my campaign to become the councillor for the new District 7 Peninsula South Downtown. In just over eight months, on October 20th 2012, the citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality will have a chance to vote for change. As the councillor for District 7, I will provide the leadership, commitment, and vision that our community needs. Thank you for your support! https://www.wayemason.ca/ One reader read more

GUEST BLOGGER: It is Africville all over again

“It is Africville all over again,” Reverend Rhonda Britton said at City Hall after council voted to approve the sale of St. Patrick’s-Alexandra school, in the heart of Central Halifax, to a developer. That’s a hard thing for residents of Halifax Regional Municipality to hear, judging from letters to the editor and comments on-line at cbc.ca.

HRM gives cultural plan a green light

The ChronicleHerald.ca Though the cost to the city is unknown, council Tuesday night approved a 10-year cultural plan for Halifax Regional Municipality. The plan, to be evaluated in 2008, met with little resistance. Only Coun. Harry McInroy (Cole Harbour) voted against it, saying metro has more important things on which to spend taxpayers’ dollars.