Waye Mason For District 7

Well, no blog posts for a while!  Why you ask?  Because this happened today:

Today I launch my campaign to become the councillor for the new District 7 Peninsula South Downtown.

In just over eight months, on October 20th 2012, the citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality will have a chance to vote for change.

As the councillor for District 7, I will provide the leadership, commitment, and vision that our community needs.

Thank you for your support!


One reader already tweeted “does this mean no blog?”  The answer is yes, and no.  Yes, I am not going to write for Openfile, or appear on CBC, or write here.  It will be hard to put Halifax Politics dot ca aside after five years of blogging and writing is going to be strange, but time is tight!

However, my plan is to blog weekly (or more) from the campaign trail.

That may be even more interesting than my regular blog, especially as we head toward October!