The Most Important Election In A Generation: Will The Youth Vote?

Sometimes I write about politics, sometimes I blog about fluff.  Today I am writing not to ask you to vote, or tell you to vote, I am begging you to vote on Monday.  Especially those of you under 35 or so, and even more especially if you are under 25.

Budget Time!

It is budget day in Nova Scotia. A year of limping through the broken remains of the Conservative’s election year budget has finally come to a close. Now comes the fear and trepidation… What sacred cows will be cut? What blatantly political projects are going to be funded? Or…. not? But more importantly, will the NDP be really actually different than any past government? If so, how? Since July we have had a government that was so far into a read more

Ready for "good enough"?

What constitutes good enough? This is the debate dominating our province and the regional municipality as the public, politicians and mandarins who really run government try to come to grips with our new lack of dollars. After several years of federal and provincial spending with little regard to long term consequences in terms of operations and maintenance, the “teens” seem destined to be a decade of fewer resources for ego driven, or “world class” projects.

Today is a great day for Nova Scotia

The sun came up, the world did not end, the Nova Scotia NDP are in power. As my wife joked with her mum last night “Yes mom, the NDP are going to be the government, put Dad on a suicide watch.” All joking aside, for 25-30% of the province, the election of the NDP creates a deep personal conflict. In rural Nova Scotia, success and livelihoods have for too long been tied to the government in power handing out contracts read more

Neither an NDP or a tory be…

Some things I strongly believe…. that are philosophically incompatible, if the only system you use is the current left-right, NDP-tory type system… I think that they are common sense. “rightie” type thoughts: -shut down the NSLC, lay off all staff, privatize all liquor delivery -shut down the AGA-Liquor division – transfer to municipality -allow private delivery of health services such as blood tests, casts, x-rays and other diagnostics, through doctors offices/clinics -charge a small fee (like the Swedes!) for emergency read more