Neither an NDP or a tory be…

Some things I strongly believe…. that are philosophically incompatible, if the only system you use is the current left-right, NDP-tory type system… I think that they are common sense.

“rightie” type thoughts:
-shut down the NSLC, lay off all staff, privatize all liquor delivery
-shut down the AGA-Liquor division – transfer to municipality
-allow private delivery of health services such as blood tests, casts, x-rays and other diagnostics, through doctors offices/clinics
-charge a small fee (like the Swedes!) for emergency room visits. $20.00.
-deregulate electrical power delivery, create a network system operator, separate from Emera, to encourage smaller clean green power generators.

“lefty” type thoughts:
-increase social assistance payments
-develop an integrated, holistic inner city social development plan, from after school programs, free lunch programs, free summer programs, to increasing Metro Housing Authority funding.
– culture funding needs to be doubled provincially.

neither type thoughts:
-universities, especially Dal, NSCAD, Acadia and St FX, can be the best economic investments we have. an extra 100 million or 2 would make them some of the very best in the world.
-public school funding is pathetic… increase it.
-develop an agency that invests in culture, in equity investments, like NSFDC does for film.

There is too much government in this province wasting money on things government should not do, robbing the money from places it should be spent.