Mr Mayor,

I am concerned about the article in the Herald today regarding city staff pulling down signs that may have been on the private property of citizens. The caviler attitude of Mr O’Brien is astounding! If an overzealous worker went beyond the city right of way right onto lawns, not only was s/he trespassing on private property, but the taking down the ANY political signs is arguably a Charter violation.

As you know, several Supreme Court cases address signage and postering, and specifically, Peterbourgh vs Ramsden (September 1993) established that placement of posters and bills on CITY property is protected under the freedom of speech section of the Charter.

HRM is opening itself up to a lawsuit if the actions of staff are not better managed on this issue.


Waye Mason
1580 Vernon Street
(not even a resident of that area!)

CC: Sue Uteck, Councilor
Build It Right Coalition

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