Remember this:

The people behind the Stones are also behind the Commonwealth games bid. Using the same math, maybe our $750 million dollar games might balloon to $1.8 billion. We have every reason to be concerned.

That was me Sept 25 06. And people said I was mad, mad I tell you! Can I call them or what?

In other bragging material:

Schools are important not just to rural communities – as we discovered in my constituency of Halifax Citadel, the threatened closure of those three school galvanized the community. I should say at this point that I want to commend the members of my community, especially the Citadel Schools Group that organized so quickly and so effectively to bring their voices to bear on this issue and, with your indulgence, I would like to name them: Waye Mason, Mike Kilfoil, Aubrey Fricker, Doug Clapp, and my own constituency assistant who helped to organize that group in very short order.

My MLA Leonard Preyra giving me a shout out in Hansard from the floor of the House of Assembly. Awwww yeah.