Halifax vs Delusional Calgaria

Some people, especially young people from here who moved to Calgary, are upset with the website the NS government put up:


I love it. Most of the complaints though are around this idea that “everything is really expensive in Halifax” and “there are no jobs” and “the only reason the job stats are doing better now is because ‘everyone’ moved to Alberta”.

In central Halifax there is a lack of decent low wage jobs, mostly due to the student population sucking up all the good ones. There is also a lack of good urban artsy jobs in the core. People tend to grab on to good culture sector jobs with both hands and ride them to retirement. However, there are lots of jobs. Just they are all in Burnside. I am sick to death of people my age and younger complaining they “cannot get a good job” and “Halifax is so expensive” when what they mean is “I cannot get a high paying cool job in the heart of down town, and own a house on the peninsula I can afford.”

I have no interest in moving to Toronto so I can live up in Major MacKenzie and 16th street and commute an hour a day to an industrial park. If my option is live in Enfield or Timberlea and commute to Burnside i will take it in a heartbeat.

I posted these facts:

Employment rates Feb 2007 (statscan)
Halifax 4.3%
Toronto 6.4%
Vancouver 4.8%
Calgary 2.6%

Median Family income, 2006 (stats can)
Halifax $61,400
Toronto $60,100
Vancouver $56,200
Calgary $71,100

Incidents of Low Income In Private Households 2001 (stats can):
Halifax 15.5%
Toronto 16.7%
Vancouver 20.8%
Calgary 14.1%


Results from the May 16, 2006 Census showed the population of Nova Scotia grew 0.6% since 2001 to 913,462, while Canada’s population of 31,612,897 represented growth of 5.4% over the same period.

Only Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan had population declines.

Fourteen of the province’s eighteen counties showed population declines.
Guysborough County had the largest decline at 7.8% while Halifax County exhibited the strongest growth at 3.8%. Counties with growth are all in the central region of Nova Scotia

Berwick was the fastest growing town in the province with an increase of 7.5% to 2,454 residents.

Of Canada’s 33 census metropolitan areas, Halifax Metro maintained its thirteenth position based on population size. In 2006 there were 372,679 people, 40.8% of the total population of the province, residing in Halifax Metro

And then today I found this:
CONSUMER PRICE INDEX Feb 2007 (1986 = 100)

Halifax 131.7
Toronto – 131.7
Vancouver 129.6
Calgary – 145.4

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