Oh the questions I have!

I am wondering if the new HRM Auditor General can tell us:

1 – how many other HRM cheques are written that are not put through finance dept?  If the CAO can get cheques written without oversight, why should I believe that these loans to Power Promotions are the only ones?

2- How many cheques are written based on a letter from the CAO that have no account to be drawn on, that are effectively unbudgeted?

3-  fact that the letter says in s(8) that “In the event of default or cancellation of any of the three concerts the total grant will be repayable” and only two concerts went through, wouldn’t council have the option of collecting on the debt from Power Promotional Concepts, Arrow Construction, or the two people whos names have been redacted?

4 – who are these people who guaranteed this debt, why are their names redacted?

5 – who witnessed this, so we can swear them under oath and find out if Peter Kelly was in the room?  The witnesses names are also redacted.

6 – please produce copies of emails and letters from HRM and the CAO or other staff may have sent to Trade Centre Limited and Metro Centre Limited.  Lets find who knew what.

Here is hoping in some way we will be getting staff and politicians under oath telling us some truth here.

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