HRM and the AG Report – What You Can Do

If HRM Council must act quickly to restore public confidence in our elected government.

The path forward difficult (I wrote about it here), but Council must work to resolve this in a way that shows that politicians are responsible for their actions, and elected politicians will be held accountable.

A LOT OF COUNCILLORS ARE ON THE FENCE. You can play a role in helping raise the pressure on councillors to act in our best interests by letting them know what you think.

What can you do? Email your councilor.  Send a short email to your councilor demanding:

  • a public debate of the full HRM Council
  • a vote of censure of Mayor Peter Kelly, and
  • forwarding of the file to the RCMP for further investigation and/or the appropriate committee of the Provincial Legislature.
Streatch, Steven dist 1 E Shore-Musquodoboit Hbr
Dalrymple, Barry dist 2 Waverley-Fall River-Beaverbank
Hendsbee, David dist 3 Preston-Lawrencetown-Chez
Lorelei  Nicoll dist 4 Cole Harbour
McCluskey, Gloria dist 5 Dartmouth Centre
Fisher, Darren dist 6 E Dartmouth-The Lakes
Karsten, Bill dist 7 Portland-East Woodlawn
Barkhouse, Jackie dist 8 Woodside-Eastern Passage
Smith, Jim dist 9 Albro Lake-Harbourview
Wile, Mary dist 10 Clayton Pk W
Blumenthal, Jerry dist 11 Hfx Northend
Sloane, Dawn Marie dist 12 Hfx-Downtown
Uteck, Susan dist 13 NW Arm-Southend
Watts, Jennifer dist 14 Connaught-Quinpool
Walker, Russell dist 15 Fairview-Clayton Pk
Hum, Debbie dist 16 Rockingham-Wentworth
Mosher, Linda dist 17 Purcell’s Cove-Armdale
Adams, Stephen D. dist 18 Spryfield-Herring Cove
Johns, Brad dist 19 Middle&Uppr Sckvlle-Lucsvlle
Harvey, Robert P. dist 20 Lower Sackville
Tim Outhit dist 21 Bedford
Rankin, Reg dist 22 Timberlea-Prospect
Peter Lund dist 23 Hammonds Plains-St Mrgrt’s


If you do not know who your councilor is, you can look him or her up here:


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