The First Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I announced my campaign for the office of councillor in the newly created District 7.

What a crazy two weeks its been! I have every intention of blogging my campaign, and not just writing carefully parsed words that have passed through political filters

I’m glad I’m running. I really enjoy talking to people, hearing their ideas, and talking about the city. People really care about Halifax and they want to see the place realize its potential, but it is also clear that folks feel we have missed the boat these last fifteen years.

A lot of questions came up the first few weeks, here are three most frequently heard:

  • Where is District 7? – this was the most common question… To help out I created a better description of the district here, with a map and a written description. I walked Gottingen Street and most of the merchants and residents I spoke with had no idea that the new district started on Cornwallis and covered everything south to Point Pleasant Park! I had one merchant ask “Oh, does this mean our taxes will go up?”  This new district is BIG, which leads to the second question:
  • Why did you announce so soon? – With the election over 8 months away (241 days from today!) people wondered about announcing so far out. For me it is simple, I want to meet people. Hopefully this will also help increase interest in the election and get more voters to the polls.  The new district has over sixteen thousand households, so there is a lot of ground to cover, which leads to the last question:
  • Is campaigning a full time job? – Long story short: I am working full time, being a dad and husband full time, and campaigning evenings, weekends, and lunchtime. Part of the strength and weakness of municipal politics is there is no party system, so each candidate raises money and organizes on their own.  So, not a full time job, it is a lot of work regardless!
I look forward to talking to you about your vision for District 7,