Fix Council

street (1)One of the biggest criticisms I hear about the Halifax Regional Municipality is that we must have better government. Every person I meet brings up this issue and it means a lot to people that their government is transparent, actively encourages their participation and follows its own rules.

It’s time to elect people who will have better ideas for Halifax. Some of the steps that should be taken to fix government include:

  • Establish a Municipal Ombudsperson’s Office that reports directly to Council and will act as an impartial investigator of residents’ complaints about the administration of city government and to ensure Freedom of Information compliance.
  • Pass a sunshine by-law to ensure that the government follows its own policies and processes and will be overseen by the Ombudsperson.
  • Work with the Province to ensure the following changes to the HRM Charter:
    • That the Municipal Clerk’s Office and the Municipal Solicitor work for Council and not for the CAO.
    • That Community Councils have more power and control over local decisions and local spending of existing tax dollars.
  • Ensure a stronger more adequately staffed Council Office exists to support elected officials in making the right policy decisions for residents.

Waye Mason has better ideas that will make council work again.