Parking on Quinpool, rp5 map 8 and what it says and does (or doesn’t)

i’m away right now but I have to respond to the discussion on twitter around the RP5 road plan.

There are three interlocking issues around the questions around the proposed road map in the RP5 draft. They are the road network functional plan timeline, the meaning of the classification of the streets in the proposed map, and the timing of the proposed map being released.

I do not believe the proposed map changes anything on Quinpool Road and other arterials as that designation is already assigned those roads. I think the “focus on traffic flow” identified in the current policy that one tweeter has posted basically allows for parking to come off the street at rush hour.

We cannot fear what the rp5 does not say – because this document sets out an essential framework that is then implemented through these other functional plans. The rp5 process sets the table, but dinner is not yet served.

1 – The regional plan sets out an essential framework that is then fleshed out by priority or functional plans. The road network functional plan is not approved. It was delayed until after the completion of RP5 and because of the debate around Bayers Road. There is where the policy around what a road categories will be – and that too will have public debate and be public input.

2 – the designation of arterials has not changed on the peninsula except where arterials have been taken down to be major collectors. Quinpool and Hollis were arterials in the 2006 plan. There are however more collectors especially in the suburbs. I think than practically nothing new or bad is proposed in this map or classification by itself… What matters is the functional plan and what it does with these roads.

3 – I will certainly be speaking to staff about where the significant map changes came from. To me this is the only real issue here the CDAC committee should have seen this map before it went out. that said, this is not done, there is a month of consultation then the committee sees it again then the standing committee then Regional Council. It is going to change and evolve again and again.

it is unfortunate that the map revision was not put out in the first draft. That said I am travelling (at FCM in Vancouver this weekend) so I don’t have access to my files. I suspect that the committee did talk about these issues around the road network at a policy level but I am not sure if new map made an appearance.

So in summary – this doesn’t really change anything on the peninsula, I am concerned the map with those changes had not been brought forward sooner, and hope to make change in the functional policy to allow for a crosswalk across Quinpool at Monastery lane!

Cheers from west coast, Waye

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