Parking info for upcoming church service, shabbat, jumu’ah and others

Halifax Regional Police provided this guidance to help members of faith communities to determine whether they can park near their place of worship this weekend.

Police officers are helping with enforcement of No Parking on the streets and also blocking streets to facilitate safe and effective snow clearing and removal.

As part of this effort, police are determining which vehicles may need to be ticketed and/or towed in a strategic and targeted manner, keeping in mind that businesses need to accommodate delivery vehicles and residents have engagements to attend, such as church this Sunday.

Residents should consider the following before parking on the street:

– Is your car causing a safety issue?
– Is it making the road impassable?
– Is it impeding snow operations underway in the area?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should not park on the street. These are the same things that officers will be looking for when enforcing Section 139 of the MVA.

The bottom line is, we don’t want to ticket or tow – the objective is to keep people off the streets to facilitate efficient and safe clearing to ensure emergency vehicles have access in the event of an emergency.